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Join The 2020 Great International Off De Cannes Web Contest…


You are an artist in the film industry actor/actress or filmmaker, in music, singer or dancer, Fashion designer or photographer, model, Fine artist or you are a writer, blogger or influencer…
Anne Gomis, Alain Zirah and the OFF de Cannes’team offer you an exceptional opportunity to present your works to the greatest number. Post your best videos, music, photos, and blogs on the Facebook page Grand Concours International du Web.

Who are you Alain Zirah & Anne Gomis?

A Z: After 25 years in real estate in Luxury in Paris and Marseille, in the South of France, and as a photographer for Impress, a press agency, I decided to change my destiny. My goal is to put my experiences and artistic sensibility to become a real complete artist. When you have a good idea, it’s easy to develop it in writing, drawing, painting, but also shooting photography, and films. Because Smartphones and computers became best friends. A lot of artists are now multi-talented artists. So I founded the OFF de Cannes festival, in 2005, to help them and bring them international visibility.
A G: My origins, first. Native to a Guinea-Bissau family, I was born in Dakar, Senegal. When I arrived in France at 4, I only spoke in Wolof. Later I learned that my ancestors were colonized as slaves by the Portuguese. They changed their names to Gomis. In fact, I am a real princess of two villages in Casamance. I am Princess Adji Biagui. After I found a team of cheerleaders and my own gym, at 12, I did organize, ten years later, “Miss Black beauty queen” and “Miss Night”. I was the manager of a nightclub for 7 years. The B52 was the first French rappers’ club. On my initiative, all the nightclubs boss accepted to pose together for the cover of the most famous newspaper in my city. I also bring the IAM leader to Virgin Megastore’s office. I obtained a contract for their first record and get the first part of Madonna shows in Paris. I am proud to participate in that great adventure and IAM is now the most famous French rap band.
My actuality for OFF de Cannes began in 2010 when I met Alain Zirah. He proposed I to co-produce that organization and I created The Great International Web Contest (Grand Concours International du Web). Now, we’re proud to read articles about our events in foreign countries such as the USA, Russia, Iran, Vietnam, and Japan and expand them with depth and international impact.
– Behind every man I believe there is always a woman!

How was the most important OFF de Cannes festival?

The OFF de Cannes Festival is a French organization that discovers talents and put them under the light lime of the Cannes Film Festival. The team and a jury of professionals select the most creative artists and help the artists to produce their works. We bring them international visibility on social networks and particularly among 190,000 international film professionals.

Founded in 2005 by Alain Zirah, this organization has gathered a pool of multi-talented artists. Since 2011, the OFF de Cannes festival has grown with the Great International Web Contest, created by Anne Gomis. The artists participate in film projects, fashion weeks and photo shootings, fine arts exhibitions, musical showcases, and literary meetings. In different cities. We were applied, in 2010, by the Jackson Family Foundation to become a part of the press conference during the first coming in Cannes Festival, France, of the King of Pop Michael Jackson’s father, Joseph Jackson. With the expansion of our work, we have been approached by famous personalities for collaborations like Max Howard (Pocahontas, Lion King), and Jay Schindell (Iron Man 3). In 2016, we get a partnership with Dr. Olympia A. Gellini, World Film Institute founder, and co-produced with him the Family Films Awards, during the Cannes festival in the Intercontinental Carlton ballroom. In May 2019, the famous writer and businessman Paul-Loup Sulitzer accepted to lead the events as OFF de Cannes festival’s patron. Known for his books Money, Cash, Fortune, and The Geen King, he created a genre with the “Financial Western” and sold 70 million books, translated into more than 40 languages. The OFF de Cannes ceremony took place in the “Celebrities’ bar” in Carlton, the famous place where Brigitte Bardot, Anthony Queen, and all the most famous people have made Cannes the capital of cinema with stars who have made the whole world dream. Member of our jury, Steven Nia, President of Wardour Studios Hollywood, who participated in the production of the blockbuster Avengers-Endgame, announced the winners of the contest with Angelina Leo, for the W1 platform.

Could you tell us more about your activities during the last Cannes festival?

We began the Cannes festival with a photo shoot in a luxurious Cannes villa with beautifully dressed models swimming in the pool and our British partners. Then Anne and I organized with Sabine Evrard a cinema Masterclass in the prestigious Majestic-Barriere Hotel lounge, for the students of Noventis Actors School of Marseille. For these young people, the word film corresponds to lengths ranging from 3mn on Youtube to digital series declined over several seasons on Netflix. So, we were happy to give them some advice and to introduce professionals from France, London, and Tibet. The students were very attentive and, with some of them and our OFF de Cannes Grand Prize of dance winners Lame d’Orient (André Lenzi & Karen Agopian), we shot this summer a digital series called Power Pop Girls. In September, the winners went to Las Vegas and Los Angeles to represent our organization during the Family Film Awards.
During the big MAGNIFICENT evening organized by Dragon Lady Productions in a luxurious villa on the heights of Cannes, our fashion designer winner Serine Kurt made a catwalk around the swimming pool in this place some of whom considered it one of the most beautiful parties of this festival. We were in Carlton and Radisson Blu to support our partners Tiffany and Bakana in luxurious catwalks.
On the last day, the team went to Monaco Grand Prix. From the terrace of the 26th-floor luxurious apartment, we also could appreciate the most beautiful yachts of international billionaires. A lot of emotions on this beautiful day.

What are your artistic projects for 2020?

As a French writer, I published my first book, in 2011, about my encounter with Michael Jackson’s father and telling how Harvey Weinstein invited me to his panoramic penthouse. I mostly write for women and they appreciate my visions of the relationship between men and women. After God created Woman as herself, I promote my last book Forbidden to Men. I am writing a new book about Rock music. Who really are the greatest rock stars and what influences they have had on our life? I talk about my encounters with some stars and through the prism of my visions. Anne Gomis and myself wrote and co-directed the long feature Forbidden Visions, in 2013. Now, I wrote the novel to go further inside that universe of French gangsters and beautiful women. Another major project is the production of Power Pop Girls. In this digital series, young masked superheroines animated by ancient goddesses and girl power fight against a serial killer but also their ex-boyfriends.

What are your projects for the 2020 Cannes Film Festival?

Basically, 2020 will be a main year. Twenty years after 2000. Eight years ago the theme of our contest was The children born in 2000 will be twenty in 2020. The artists had to imagine the future way of life. In May, we’ll celebrate the 15th OFF de Cannes anniversary. We’ll implement a retrospective, maybe exhibitions and an Art book of outstanding photographs of the events of these fifteen years, about the Cannes Film Festival.

Enough to fully occupy his days. Yes, we admit it, we are very active people. More information:


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