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A Brightly Painted World— Through Jimmy’s Eyes Written By Bethany Robertson

Accessible and inspirational, the Through Jimmy’s Eyes fashion brand has brought a fresh perspective to fashion. The artist behind the brand, Jimmy Reagan, has an exceptional talent for texture, design, and colorful expression. Diagnosed with complex autism, Jimmy has used art as a form of self-expression.

“Jimmy’s artwork has been a form of communication and pride for him as he has gained international acclaim,” Peg, Jimmy’s mother and representative, said in an interview.

Jimmy certainly has something to be proud of. His vibrant, imaginative works demonstrate an extraordinary level of artistic brilliance worth celebrating. In recognition of this, Peg founded the Through Jimmy’s Eyes fashion brand to make Jimmy’s inspirational works available to more people. Using Jimmy’s art, Peg created prints to feature on fashion pieces, accessories, and home décor. “While ever evolving and expanding, the TJE fashion brand mission will always be to take Jimmy’s mesmerizing pieces and transform them into wearable art, allowing others to experience the world Through Jimmy’s Eyes,” Peg said.

Audiences couldn’t be more glad that Jimmy’s art is being shared with the world. The brand’s Spring/Summer 22’ line features gorgeous prints sprinkled with dazzling colors and captivating textures.“From his portraits of people and animals, landscapes, florals, and abstracts, Jimmy’s color combinations and brush strokes translate into fantastic fabrics that offer the wearer a piece of Jimmy’s heart,” Peg said.

Jimmy’s heart must be made of gold because each of his artworks is sure to uplift the spirits of onlookers. With strokes that dance off the canvas, Jimmy’s works of art are the perfect subject for exciting prints. Individuals are sure to feel a sense of joy when viewing Jimmy’s incredible collection of apparel.

“We hope that viewers walk away with a smile on their face knowing that all things are possible and that in challenge there is great color and joy,” Peg said.

The brand is sure to achieve that goal. Their Spring/Summer 22’ line showcases some of the most creative and joyful prints ever to grace the runway, all thanks to Jimmy’s wonderful works of art.

On October 2nd, Through Jimmy’s Eyes showcased their collection on International Digital Fashion Week alongside several other designers from around the globe. Audiences from across the world witnessed the beauty of Jimmy’s art as they watched in awe of his inspirational designs. When asked what the brand enjoyed most about participating in IDFW, Peg responded, “We love having an opportunity to share our story and Jimmy’s beautiful art with the world. It is an honor to be in the company of so many marvelous designers who also inspire us.” Viewers love having the opportunity to see Jimmy’s amazing work. Since presentations are available for six months, audiences can still watch Jimmy’s magnificent collection on IDFW.

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