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Advancing Fashion’s Future—Ecoolska’s Digital Fashion Collection Written By: Bethany Robertson

Grounded in sustainable practices, Ecoolska restyled sustainable fashion with an innovative twist: digital fashion. Their Spring/Summer 22’ fashion show “RETHINK YOUR FUTURE” displays the brand’s most recent collection of virtual clothing. Created to reduce waste, Ecoolska’s Spring/Summer collection provides a solution to overconsumption and overproduction by providing clothing that is produced and worn digitally.

Ecoolska’s founder, Olga Skazkina, is amazingly creative and dedicated to taking care of the environment. She was inspired to create her brand while reading the book Planet Full of Plastic to her children. When her children asked questions regarding why plastic ends up in the ocean, she discovered that she didn’t want her profession in fashion to hurt the environment. So, she developed Ecoolska.

“The main goal of our sustainable fashion brand Ecoolska is to make a peaceful revolution in the fashion industry and change its economy from linear to cyclical,” Olga said.

Ecoolska’s new collection, “RETHINK YOUR FUTURE,” showcases the brand’s high potential to meet that goal. During the show, viewers watch the progression of a changing future. First presented is a grim scene, where models struggle to strut down a runway surrounded by garbage. Halfway through the show, however, the scene changes for the better; it becomes clean and bright because humanity has learned to appreciate nature.

“I believe in a great future because people are becoming more conscious and changing their habits from overconsumption to ecological habits,” Olga said.

Olga also said that she was inspired by her mission to encourage others to create and consume sustainably. “We need a technological breakthrough, innovations that do not consume resources,” Olga said. Ecoolska’s digital fashion collection is one of those breakthroughs as it does not require the consumption of materials.

With the collection “RETHINK YOUR FUTURE,” Olga hopes to inspire viewers to develop more sustainable practices. “Hopefully, people will reconsider their old habits and start changing them to more environmentally friendly ones,” she said. As viewers get immersed in the striking visuals and wondrously futuristic designs Ecoolska’s show has to offer, they are sure to be inspired.

On October 2nd, Ecoolska launched their show alongside other talented designers from all over the world on International Digital Fashion Week. When asked what she enjoys most about exhibiting at IDFW, Olga answered, “The opportunity to announce your brand to the world.” Designers and viewers alike couldn’t agree more as audiences rushed to watch innovative brands like Ecoolska present their collections on International Digital Fashion Week. Because the presentations are available for six months, audiences can continue to watch their favorite brands showcase beautiful collections.

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