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Afds Showcase At Muslim Fashion Festival Muffest In Indonesia


Celebrating diversity and creativity –
AFDS designers showcase at MUFFEST+ 2023

Press Release
For Immediate Release

March 23
On March 7-10th, ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase was invited to showcase in the Muslim Fashion Festival, MUFFEST + 2023 in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. A collaboration between Asian nations in celebrating the diversity and creativity of Modest fashion. Muslim Fashion Festival, one of the fashion weeks produced by the Indonesian Fashion Chamber is an event that showcases diverse trends and styles for Modest fashion which have seen a significant rise in the global fashion industry. Aptly being a platform to promote diversity, this aligns with the ethos and goal of the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase. ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase brought eight Fashion Designers to showcase their Modest fashion interpretations on the runway during MUFFEST +23 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hayden Ng – Premier Founder of AFDS and representing Singapore, showcased his collection Transition Changes. “The inspiration behind this collection is the formation of ASEAN. The ASEAN ( Association of Southeast Asian Nations ) collaboration story began in 1967 when five countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand- came together to form an organization aimed at promoting economic, political, and security cooperation among its members. The organization was established amid rising tensions in the region, including the Vietnam War, the Communist insurgency in Malaysia, and territorial disputes between some ASEAN countries. As seen in the showcase opening designs in grey with a tri-colored spotted print. Over the years, ASEAN has grown to include 10 member states, with Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam joining the original five founding members. The organization’s main objective has been to promote regional stability and economic development through dialogue and cooperation among its member states. As seen in the following outfits of beige floral printed and another set of green & fuchsia printed chiffon designs. Amidst the intricate web of diverse political systems, economic disparities, and historical tensions among its member states, ASEAN has achieved remarkable success in fostering regional cooperation and stability. As seen in the last 2 designs depicted in bright colourful silk chiffon. Fabrics used in the collection are hand-washable silks, chiffon, viscose, and mesh.

All designed for the global fashionista in mind for easy usage and maintenance” says
Hayden Ng.

The InSane Studio by designer Terry Yeo – Singapore
“This is a collaboration collection with Fatzin’s Wedding Gallery. It is entitled The Princess Warrior, this collection pays homage to the Muslim community here in Singapore. We took reference of the popular Icons from each decade starting from the 1940s and updated each look. We used some traditional fabrics from all over ASEAN in our collection, making our collection much more interesting. This year, we will be concentrating more on street style for menswear” says Terry Yeo.

Chantique Brunei by designer Fadzil Hadin – Brunei
“At Muffest we were just in time to showcase the Ramadan collection, Simply PURE – whereby the whole collection is based on white. Off-white gold and silver colors were used. I chose those colors based on my comeback into the fashion scene in Jakarta after an absence in the fashion industry for almost 3 decades. We used Organza and Silk Taffeta with embellishments for this collection. We experimented with the resort collection last year and plan to add more including menswear and will be available just in time before the summer holidays” adds Fadzi Hadin.

MENFolder by designer Bandid Lasavong – Laos
“The latest collection MEN folder – The spirit & essence of LAOS, was inspired and conceptualized while I was drinking coffee one morning and I noticed the interesting textures and forms on the cracked wall. For this collection, I used local indigenous fabric by the Hmong old ladies who live in the high mountain areas in Laos. This fabric is called “Hamp” – the colors in the dye are derived from flowers, roots, and bark of the trees. It is 100% organic for this whole process. This year I plan to explore more local fabrics and aim to make it to international markets I plan to make valuable use of our local fabrics” says Bandid Lasavong.

Pitnapat by designer Pitnapat Yotinratanachai – Thailand
“The 2023 Spring Summer collection is a reflection of my personal style and branding, which is incorporated into the fabric design of the collection. My goal was to create a playful and unique aesthetic that would appeal to young people. I wanted to showcase a different side of my identity through this collection, and I believe that the use of bold colors and digital graphics techniques achieves that. The inspiration behind the collection was to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere that highlights my brand’s identity. The use of only two colors, black and white, which represent day and night, creates an
interesting contrast that brings the designs to life. The fabrics used in the collection are made of high-quality silk, which adds a luxurious touch to each piece. The use of advanced techniques in sewing and production ensures that the pieces are both high-end and ready to wear. As a designer, I am constantly exploring new opportunities and pushing boundaries in the fashion industry. This year, I had the pleasure of working with talented actors in my country to support and care for Thai artists and idols in the entertainment industry. This experience has led to the creation of a new collection, which will be released in September 2023 for the Autumn Winter season. I encourage everyone to follow my social media accounts to stay updated on the upcoming collection reveal” says Pitnapat Yotinratanacha.

Natacha Van by designer Natacha Van – Cambodia
“Our 2023 Spring Summer collection was inspired by flora fairy dance and angel core fairytale for this season’s collection. For the collection, we have used our digital graphic design printed on silk and chiffon fabric to create this collection. This year, we will be working on more different destinations to showcase our collection and also working on the AW 2023 and launch in September 2023” says Natacha Van.

Myriad Grand Monde by designer Thinthananpachr Jantajaroenpon – Thailand “Our 2023 Spring Summer collection was inspired by the breeze in the night. The design shows smoothness, flowy and relaxed style yet still presents elegance like the god of wind, metaphorically speaking. The main material is chiffon silk in white, pink, nude, grey, green, red, blue, and black colors. We use various embroidery techniques pinned on the dress to enhance the gowns to shine in the natural night light. It is all about making this collection the most beautiful and perfect creation. This year we want to open a broader perspective for every Muslim woman: they can wear beautiful gowns and we aim to make our clients confident in what they wear” says Thinthananpachr Jantajaroenpon.

Davo Ocampo by designer Dave Ocampo – Philippines
“Dave Ocampo collection for MUFFEST+ called Kislap means to shine a bright light. I believe in this era of millennials and GenZ of Muslim women should be more powerful and have the self-determination that they want. My inspiration for this season’s collection is, I want to see Muslim women wear powerful suits and armor for them to express their feelings. I used wool for the suits, vests, and pants, and for the inner long sleeves, I used soft silk. For the soft fabric, I used shiny fabric to give more of an impact on my Kislap collection. This year post-pandemic, I would like my brand Dave Ocampo to be a known international brand and look forward to more shows abroad” says Dave Ocampo.

AFDS was developed to raise awareness and appreciation for the unique style and diversity in the Asian region while promoting greater cross-cultural and creative collaboration. Growing mainstream regional awareness for fashion designers and models while nurturing up-and-coming, local fashion designers and models. AFDS will continue to collaborate with Indonesia Fashion Chamber for upcoming fashion festivals and fashion weeks in Indonesia this year. Photography credit: Ade Oyot @ade_oyot

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