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Algeria Houita By Selma Boulcina

Fashion as a heritage for Selma Boulcina, a 32 years old fashion designer. Fashion is above all a love story and a family heritage, it’s also about sensuality.

Selma studied pharmaceutical chemistry and could not bring herself to leave her mother’s workshop, her precious fabrics, her golden threads, and the smell of leather. She takes refuge there during vacations and weekends.

So she decides to learn fashion design at school and stay with her mum, together they work.

Selma brings her modern touch, and her mother likes to keep it more traditional. Selma is inspired by Algerian history, paintings, music, movies, flowers, and nature. She works to dress these women of a new century with style, modernity, and delicacy.

​Contributed By: Saif Rahman Sozib
For World Fashion Media News

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