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Pham Thien Long ” Mini Miss Diamond Vietnam
Pham Hong Long ” Miss Teen Diamond Uk 2020″
Ambassadors Cca Charity Uk 2019-2020

Two girls of the Pham family become the British Charity Ambassador to Cancel Cancer Africa (CCA) and be nominated to represent Vietnam in the Mini Miss Diamond UK.

This is the first time two Vietnamese mini models have been honored to receive an invitation from the British charity – Cancel Cancer Africa (CCA). As the Charity Ambassador of CCA Charity and Vietnam’s representative to participate in the Kids Fashion Festival INT in London (May 25 to 27, 2019).

In this show, for the first time, there has been the presence of 2 Vietnamese mini models next to Mini Miss Diamond UK Lisa Velkova, with the participation of more than 300 talented mini models from all over the world and more than 10 well-known designers from the United Kingdom, Italia, the United States, etc.

Two mini models with human kindness.

Being born and growing up in the family of Speaker – Lawyer Pham Thanh Long, right from being small kids, Pham Thien Long, Pham Hong Long together with three other siblings were raised and taught by his parents to become independent, warm-hearted girls, and boys who always pursue their passion. Mrs. Bach Le Thoa – also a lawyer, her mother shared that the family has built the first bricks for children to grow up with a heart of kindness, always trying to move forward and become global citizens.

Also according to Ms. Le Thoa, when choosing CCA to carry out charity activities, five-year-old
​Elsa Thien Long had very mature thoughts: “I want to make friends happy like me because they also have hearts and dreams”. It was my daughter’s saying that I always keep in mind. Indeed, being able to help every child in the world fulfill their dreams is always the best thing. And I always wish that Elsa, with her kind heart, would bring a message of happiness to all of the places where she appeared”.

From the British Charity Ambassador to Cancel Cancer Africa to Mini Miss Diamond UK.

With impressive achievements and activities over the past time, recently, LornPham and Elsa Thien Long were moved to suddenly receive the good news of the fact that the Organizing Committee of the Mini Miss Diamond United Kingdom contest was impressed by and highly appreciate the talent as well as outstanding beauty of the Pham family’s daughters. After researching, evaluating based on the criteria of Mini Miss Diamond United Kingdom and obtaining the Speaker-Lawyer Pham Thanh Long family’s consent, the Organizing Committee sent an invitation to Lorn Pham and Elsa Thien Long to nominate to join Mini Miss Diamond United Kingdom in May. The winner will be awarded by the Miss United United Kingdom’s Organizing Committee to be the Mini Miss Diamond Vietnam in the United Kingdom and is honored to be nominated for the Mini Miss World Diamond Contest in Las Vegas USA in mid-July. Accompanying Vietnam’s representatives on the journey to the crown of Miss World Diamond is “hybrid rose” Lisa Velkova – a Vietnamese English mini model. She has just been recognized as Mini Miss Diamond United Kingdom 2019.

It is known that this is the first time in the history of the Mini Miss World Diamond Beauty Contest, there has been the presence of representatives from Vietnam. Lorn Pham and Elsa Thien Long not only bring pride but also make Vietnamese fans confidence, expecting them to gain high achievements in the international beauty contest.

The two girls of the Pham family have officially received the invitation from Mr. Ronnie Jacobs – CEO of Cancel Cancer Africa charity organization in the UK and become charity ambassadors for this organization. In the letter sent to these two beautiful girls, Ronnie Jacobs wrote: “This whole journey started by just educating to a few were together, now we are speaking to Nations Kids vision is to give kids the opportunity to live their dream”.

Lorn Pham said: “I want to bring the image of Vietnam to the Kids Fashion Festival INT in London (May 25 to 27, 2019) with the mission of an ambassador, sending love messages to receive love, Elsa and I hope that children around the world can always live in love, learn how to understand and share with those having circumstances less fortunate than us”. Lorn Pham and Elsa have been connecting many hearts around the world to join to share love with each other. Regardless of skin color and ethnicity, regardless of the national flag, there will be only human kindness, sympathy, and sharing.

Certainly with the new role, Pham Thien Long – Pham Hong Long will make fans in general and young people, in particular, proud of the smart child with the perfect beauty and a kind heart. In particular, we can absolutely believe that with these impressive achievements, the 2 little princesses will be honored with the top position of Mini Miss Diamond United Kingdom and the upcoming Mini Miss Diamond world.

The two Pham sisters became the British charity ambassador and were nominated to participate in Mini Miss Diamond UK

(Click the link below for the full story in the Vietnamese newspaper!)

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