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Global Fashion Week Partners Strengtheningties, Joining Forces – Asean And Kazakhstan

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October 22

On October 1-5th, ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase was invited to showcase in Aspara Fashion Week, Taraz, Kazakhstan. Two global fashion industry partners working together collectively supporting fashion designers from both continents.

Representing ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase, Hayden Ng, Premier founder of ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase and Singaporean fashion designer. Also representing AFDS from Singapore, is Terry Yeo, the fashion designer behind the label The InSane Studio. Taraz is one of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan, was part of the ancient Silk Road from Europe to China, and boasts an array of UNESCO-protected architectural monuments combined with a cultural lifestyle filled with colorful tribal motifs, folk music and delectable exotic cuisine. Taraz, known as the City Of Artisans, launched the International Exhibition of Handicrafts in conjunction with Aspara Fashion Week 2022.

“Aspara Fashion Week 22 was an incredible and exciting fashion event. It was a melting pot of different kinds of cultures all infused into the air of excitement for each Runway showcase encapsulating the energy during the whole event. The partnership between ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase and Aspara Fashion Week began during the global pandemic period, when each organization hosted digital fashion weeks utilizing their own platforms in showcasing each organization’s fashion designers, juxtaposed to the current post-pandemic period, we are taking the opportunity to attend each international organization’s physical fashion events. Through this, we seek and learn different methods how to elevate both our fashion events to a higher scale in terms of production and guest experience plus with Singapore and Kazakhstan strengthening trade ties in recent news this perfectly aligns with our mission” says Hayden Ng, AFDS Premier Founder, who was awarded The Award Of Contribution For The Asian Fashion Industry by Aspara Fashion Week 2022.

Hayden Ng showcased his magnificent SS23 Ready To Wear collection, inspired by the Flame Of The Forest tree that grows all over Singapore. The Flame Of The Forest is often described as a spectacular and beautiful tree when in full bloom. Much before the onset of summer, Flame Of The Forest blooms in many parts of the island, presenting an enchanting sight. The blooming of this flower also heralds in the Spring season, from a distance it resembles a brightly lit torch, given its bright red or orange color. This spectacular tree represents a bridge that connects global fashionistas together with its wide branches and the bright flowers vibrate like the pulsating heartbeat of fashion wonderment. Singaporean fashion designer Terry Yeo from the label The InSane Studio speaks about his collection Past Her Prime, very poetically. “The color of the flower has already faded away, while in idle thoughts, my life passes by vainly, as I watch the long rains fall – Ono no Komachi-”’ explains Terry Yeo about his new collection.

AFDS was developed to raise awareness and appreciation for the unique style and diversity in the Asian region while promoting greater cross-cultural and creative collaboration. Growing mainstream regional awareness for fashion designers and models while nurturing up-and-coming, local fashion designers and models.

Photography credit: Aspara Fashion Week

For further information, imagery, photo shoots, interviews or media enquiries
Neva Weber of Dressed AU PR, International PR & Media Director for AFDS & AIFW

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Hayden Ng

Designer: Hayden Ng – Photography: Aspara Fashion Week

Designer: Terry Yeo — Photography: Aspara Fashion Week

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