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Asean Designer’s Showcase At Aspara Fashion Week

On October 7, 2021, the official opening of the VIII season of “ASPARA FASHION WEEK” took place. Fashion Week is one of the main events in the fashion world, during which designers, fashion houses, and brands showcase new collections. It is the fashion weeks that set the trends for the current and future seasons. All brands strive to wow audiences with the sheer scale of their shows, the big names of participating supermodels and stars, and the unexpected performances of young talent.

So at our show – as if bright colorful fireworks flashed before our eyes on the screens of the collection of 29 designers from 11 countries of Southeast Asia, who in their own way were original, colorful, unique, and exclusive.
It is worth starting with the fact that the Asian style really has its own characteristics and differs from the usual Western or European ones.
Most of the clothes typical for Asia combine the following details: clear-cut lines, adjusted proportions; layering, and draperies. So, on the models shown by the collections, one could see how thin, light fabrics made of silk and satin enveloped the figures of fashion models. The silhouette of many models is straight or widening downward,

he often followed the contours of the body but did not fit too tightly. Long, one-piece sleeves, raglan sleeves, and batwing are common in many styles; air loop fasteners or wrap around the belt; recognizable prints – dragons, irises, butterflies, hieroglyphs … Thus, the Asian women’s outfit exudes a special, without screaming European sexuality, refined eroticism
In general, the men’s Asian suit is characterized by comfort and sportiness. Including in relation to color and shades. Without going into details, let’s say that juicy, saturated colors play a special role: crimson, pomegranate, gold, sapphire blue, yellow, carrot, purple, emerald, turquoise, deep black, and snow white. Designers from the Philippines and Thailand especially distinguished themselves with their bright, relaxed costumes and noteworthy accessories.

An unobvious, but very effective trend – things with draperies, reminiscent of togas and vestments in the paintings of the Mannerist era, will make you a real work of art. A colorful and, at the same time, an exquisite collection of a designer from Thailand, made in various draperies from light, bright and delicate fabrics, distinguished itself. I was impressed by the luxury and grandeur of the collection of wedding dresses from a designer from Vietnam. Corrugated nylon, large flounces, hand embroidery on silk and satin, and beautiful headdresses allowed you to enjoy this collection.

In one word, the evening was a success. None of the featured collections were disappointing. Pastel colors echoed with bright ones, mini side by side with maxi, and light flowing fabrics were complemented by hand embroidery.
We should pay tribute to both the courage and talent of the designers. Let’s not hide: we, like the entire fashionable audience, are delighted with what we saw!

Contributed By Saif Rahman Sozib for World Fashion Media News

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