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Asian And European Fashion Week For Paris Fashion Week Ss23

World’s most popular Fashion week in the world Paris Fashion Week SS23, the most popular fashion show AEFW fashion show, organized by the association Asian and European fashion week – President Rex Fernando,

A fashion show in Asian and European fashion week

The Asian and European fashion week show organized by Rex Fernando was held in Paris, France this year in a grand manner.

The following designers participated in this. House of Patuna, House of Karim Kadid, House of MaryLu, Pietu Couture Paris, House of Anastasia, Xatko Brand, Enoka Fonseka Paris, House of Vendome Paris Brand, House of Shalini

Aura International Japan has provided the sponsor for this purpose. And they gave official support.

And Ema Ritsuko mainly sponsored to make the fashion show successful in Asian and European fashion week as an official sponsor here.

Important fashion designers from around the world,

Magic 2 Sri Lankan fashion designer work for this show, so the public designer is a Ukraine fashion designer because of the war mar make good news for the world,

The main organizer of this, Rex Fernando, a photographer, has done a lot of service to the arts as well as a film producer, and by organizing such a fashion show, he is doing a great service to take the name of Sri Lanka to the international level,

Project Manager Djeasilane Balance is a model manager and 16 years of experience in beauty Pageants,
Marketing Manager TONY PARA 15 years of experience at Maison Chanel France International and 10 years of experience with Maison Dior France International, he led the big international launch in 2018 for Maison Karl Lagerfeld,

PRODUCER​ EMA Ritsuko Tominaga renowned Beauty Innovation Producer, and a visionary with a passion for creating extraordinary fashion experiences, organizing international pageants,


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