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Aspara Fashion Week
April 7-10, 2021

VII seasons of the International project
Facebook Instagram and Aspara Fashion Week live stream: online via ZOOM, Aspara Fashion Week Youtube channel, Live stream on Aspara Fashion Week pages:
Dates: April 7-10, 2021, beginning at 19 o’clock in the city of Nursultan.
Location: Taraz City, Kazakhstan.

Great silk road! Dialogue of cultures

The silk road as a trade route appeared in the III century BC and lasted until the XVI century of our century. Many devastating wars, destruction, fires, famine, and pestilence have seen the ancient trading cities located along the silk road. Some of them have sunk into eternity, leaving descendants only nameless ruins, others more than once burned in the fire and died, but were reborn again to amaze the world with wealth, blue domes, and openwork terracotta ligature of mausoleums and mosques.

The main route Of the great silk road on the territory of Kazakhstan ran through the South of the country. From the border of China, trade caravans moved through the cities of Merke, Taraz, Sairam, Yasi, and Otrar further to Central Asia, Persia, the Caucasus, and Europe. All these cities owe their appearance to merchants who, overcoming the vast Kazakh steppes, arranged stops that turned into caravanserais, and those, in turn, into settlements that eventually grew into cities.

Along with goods, crafts, architecture, culture, art, and religions spread along the silk road.

Thus, the great silk road was a symbol of relations between the West and the East.

The project Of the International Fashion Week “ASPARA FASHION WEEK ” was created by one of the authoritative fashion designers Aidarkhan Kaliev in early 2017. Aidarkhan Kaliev is the first Asian designer who works in the official programs of famous fashion weeks such as Milan fashion week, Paris fashion week, Amsterdam fashion week, Berlin fashion week, Lviv fashion week, Serbian fashion week, Asian designers week India, Eurasian fashion week China, Fashion week Istanbul, Stockholm international fashion fair, Tajikistan fashion week, Uzbekistan fashion week, etc., respectively Aspara fashion week is the official partner of these fashion weeks. Aidarkhan Kaliev-President of “ASPARA FASHION WEEK”, chief designer of the fashion House” ASYL-Design “and founder of the College of model art and Business” ASPARA ” in Taraz, candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor of art history, member Of the Association of Clothing and textile manufacturers of China, member of the world crafts Council (Asia Pacific region), member of the International unions of designers of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, member of the Eurasian Association of designers, author of over 80 image and seasonal collections. Founder of the “neo-folklore” style, founder of the “ASPARA” and “Aidar Khan” brands in Kazakhstan.

According to the President Of the international project Aspara Fashion Week, Aidarkhan Kaliev, the project has become a platform for exchanging experiences between experts, designers, and specialists in the fashion industry. The ASPARA FASHION WEEK platform gives participants of the fashion week not only promotion and status but also the implementation of original products in Kazakhstan, Central Asian and European showrooms, and direct work with buyers. Every season, the number of participants in the international project ASPARA FASHION WEEK is growing. The last VI season was attended by 100 designers from 40 countries, as well as more than 30 well-known fashion bloggers, journalists, and presidents of the largest fashion weeks in Europe and Asia.

The seventh season of ASPARA FASHION WEEK will be held in two modes (online and offline) under the motto “DIALOGUE of CULTURES”, will give the great silk Road a second life, a second breath from Kazakhstan, where fashion and cultures of different countries, peoples and continents will come together.
Designers and experts from various countries that are connected by ASPARA FASHION WEEK will learn from each other’s skills and experience, get acquainted with new languages and cultures, and virtually travel around the world. And, of course, Kazakhstan with the sacred city of TARAZ will occupy a special place in this process.

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