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Authentic Artistry—Rumah Rakuji’s IDFW Collection Written By Bethany Robertson

Founded on the mission to uplift and promote Indonesian artisans, Rumah Rakuji presented audiences with a collection full of expertly crafted fashions. Made by indigenous Indonesian weavers, Rumah Rakuji’s collection offers some of the most authentic cultural fashions. Myra Widiono—the brand’s founder and designer—created Rumah Rakuji to be a shelter for the artisans of Indonesia.

“Rumah means a house; Rumah Rakuji means a tidy house filled with love and energy for sheltering Indonesian Culture, Art, and Craft. Our motto—from indigenous to marvelous— shows how we strive to bring the beautiful culture and tradition of Indonesia to the eyes of the world,” Myra said.

For Rumah Rakuji’s collection, Myra was inspired by the Palu’e Woven. Made by the indigenous people of the Palu’e island, the Palu’e woven contains magnificent motifs and rich colors. To create the collection, Myra combined these themes with organic textiles to create gorgeous, unified garments.

“The inspiration is to promote the authenticity of the woven, the weavers in the village, and the magnificence of Palu’e Island. Palu’e woven, an authentic woven of product indigenous Palu’e Island, lives in the area of the magnificent volcanic mountain of Rokatenda. The woven is made by the Palu’e women with authentic Palu’e motifs, used from the traditional costume in the tribe’s ritual into a fashionable dress through eco-fashion design development,” Myra said.

The fashion produced by Rumah Rakuji is certainly fashionable. With rich colors, delicate details, and stunning styles, their collection is sure to win the hearts of viewers from around the world.

“I hope viewers appreciate Palu’e weavers’ relentless effort to produce higher quality products to meet global standards and participate in the global eco-fashion drive. It will be even better if viewers contribute jointly with Rumah Rakuji in the effort to develop Palu’e weaver’s society,” Myra said. Audiences are sure to appreciate the mastery of Rumah Rakuji’s designs and collections. It’s difficult not to love the gorgeous styles and impeccable construction details that the collection offers.

On October 2nd, Rumah Rakuji showcased their collection on International Digital Fashion Week along with several designers from across the globe. When asked what her favorite part of participating in IDFW is, Myra responded, “My favorite part of participating in IDFW is the fact that I could directly compare various aspects of Palu’e products with others in terms of our fashion, how we present them to the customers, and how we value our products. The process of preparing all of this for IDFW was a bit laborious but proved to be the most useful experience for me.” Audiences can still watch Rumah Rakuji’s fantastic presentation. Since presentations on IDFW are available for six months, viewers can still watch and rewatch their favorite designers present fabulous collections.

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