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Calm Creations– Firuza Yakubova’s Spring/Summer 22’ Collection Written By Bethany Robertson

Firuza Yakubova’s Spring/Summer 22’ collection is a wonderful assortment of gorgeous designs. Filled with calm colors, fabulous details, and stunning silhouettes, the collection is sure to attract the attention of viewers. The brand’s founder and designer is Firuza Yakubova. She started her brand because she loves to sew and create.

“The history of my brand began a long time ago in childhood when my grandmother taught me how to sew. At first, I was taught to sew by hand, but when I was 8 years old, my grandmother taught me how to use an old Singer sewing machine. I have loved to sew ever since. I love creating! I am a lawyer-economist by education, but creativity has drawn me in,” Firuza said in an interview.
Firuza’s creativity shines through her collection. With exquisitely embroidered details, delicately designed prints, and brilliantly crafted fabrics, Firuza’s collection is a rhythm of remarkably sewn fashions.

“This collection was inspired by the song of the British singer Adele ‘Make you feel my love’ as this song calms me down and encourages me to create,” Firuza said. Her designs certainly reflect this calm inspiration. Firuza’s designs flow down the runway with freely flared skirts and embroidered details. Audiences are sure to fall in love with her inspiring collection.

“I would like my collection to convey the message of calmness, good mood, and love. So that, in today’s difficult situation in connection with the pandemic in the world, people have peace of mind and confidence in the future,” Firuza said.

Her gorgeous designs are sure to convey such a message. Firuza’s calm color combinations accompanied with soothing embroidery and prints are sure to uplift the spirits of viewers.

On October 2nd, Firuza Yakubova showcased her collection on International Digital Fashion Week along with several other designers from around the world. When asked what she enjoys most about participating in IDFW, Firuza responded, “Since I mainly use our national fabric when creating a collection, I expect that IDFW will help us to attract and interest the public even more to ethnic culture, not only in our country but in general.” Audiences can still watch Firuza’s fantastic collection. Since presentations on IDFW are available for six months, viewers can still watch and rewatch all of their favorite presentations.

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