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Closer To America

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Closer To America


There is a buffer zone exactly between Poland and Russia, between Europe and Asia, it’s called the Republic of Belarus. It’s a former Soviet Union country. Belarus has European vibes, but communist architecture. Belarusians have a free spirit under the dictatorship.

So despite all those fake Miss and Model competitions, without any financial support, an enthusiast Angelina Gromchenko started to produce Supermodel of Belarus. America has America’s Next Top Model, the UK has Britain’s Next Top Model, Ukraine has Top Model po-ukrainsky, and finally, Belarus has her own show Supermodel of Belarus.
The first season of the project got enormous national acclaim: more than 60% of the population watched the show broadcast on RU.TV. 2nd season promises to be more successful. It will be broadcasted by Europa Plus. There are no size, height, or age limits for professional models. The judges of the show (2 seasons) are famous Belarusian personalities: top fashion stylist Alexander Kirinyuk, founder of Belarusian fashion magazine Denis Arger, and top model Valentina Belianka,
based in New York.

The winner of the 2nd season will get a contract with the New York model agency.
Because of the project Supermodel, Belarus is closer to Western values than ever before.

Date March 31, 2019

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