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Combining European And Asian Fashion—Cholpona’s Idfw Collection Written By Bethany Robertson

As an inventive fashion brand, CholponA combines European and Turkish attire to create a gorgeous new style. The brand utilizes the most elegant design details from the East and mixes them with color pallets and silhouettes from European fashions, creating the perfect blend for the modern market. Cholpon Antheunissens is the founder and designer of the brand. As an innovative creative thinker, Cholpon was inspired to create her brand because of her marriage to her European husband.

“By the nature of his activity, my husband often had to change jobs in different countries, and our whole family traveled with him. It was difficult for our children and me to adapt to new conditions every time, but thanks to this, we all learned to get acquainted with the traditions and culture of each country in which we lived and appreciated it. Apparently, even then I learned to mix traditional attributes of clothing with modern trends. It always looked stylish and unusual, and the children and others liked it very much,” Cholpon said in an interview.

CholponA’s spring/summer 22’ collection was inspired by Cholpon’s encounters with different people and cultures. Cholpon was also inspired by the heritage of her ancestors.

“I created this collection in my homeland, fueled spiritually by the heritage of my ancestors. In this collection, an antique traditional Kyrgyz style is put on display. On top of that, my collection reflects my internal state where the wish of being bright and strong alternates with the search for comfort and coziness. My woman is different: brave, vivid, sexy and at the same time soft, gentle, loving comfort in clothes, and valuing hand-made labor as well as natural fabrics,” Cholpon said.

Viewers are sure to love the style Cholpon A presents. Packed with soft fabrics, relaxed silhouettes, and classy details, the collection transports audiences into the beautiful world CholponA creates.

“I’ve always had the desire to meet the World with the culture of my people, with the beauty and richness of motifs and colors of the national ornament used since ancient times in the edging of handmade carpets, embroidery, and decoration of costumes, the rich tradition of working with felt. Therefore, I use all this in my collection,” Cholpon said.

On October 2nd, CholponA showcased its collection on International Digital Fashion Week. As a platform that showcases the work of several designers from around the globe, IDFW is the perfect place for CholponA to present its collection. When asked what she likes most about showcasing her collection on IDFW, Cholpon responded, “Nowadays the digital world is emerging everywhere, and it helps people to be connected. I’m excited about the idea that some clothes from my collection will be viewed and known around the world. It’s an incredible feeling.” Audiences can still watch CholponA’s amazing presentation. Since presentations on IDFW are available for six months, viewers can still watch and rewatch their favorite designers presenting their fantastic collections. is the official telecommunications partner of International Digital Fashion Week. They offer mobile Wi-Fi for global business and leisure travel with network coverage of 140+ countries. Check them out here:

International Digital Fashion Week showcases fashion designers from all around the globe. It is broadcasted on the FNL Network, which is the first and only TV network to create a digitally broadcasted global fashion week.
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