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A Conversation With Fnl Network Founder Rocco Leo Gaglioti


Rocco is the founder and President of FNL Network, a worldwide TV Network that millions of people watch from all over the world. Everyone can watch it they just need to install the app on their smart TV or smart device click here He is also the founder of International Digital Fashion Week the first and largest digital fashion week in the world. Rocco has won many awards for his TV shows and films and has also won CEO of the year two times. He has been Inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Taste Awards in Hollywood, California for his contribution to the global fashion world. Not only is Rocco just a great guy he is also a huge powerhouse in the fashion Industry and there is nothing that can stop him.

 Why did you decide to start the FNL Network? 
The reason why I decided to start FNL Networks was because I really wanted to start a grassroots network that wasn’t run by a corporation. You know, I think there is something to be said for grassroots and non-corporate run coronation networks and companies. People who work for FNL Network and all the projects we are involved in, we do everything out of passion. We do it out of love. We don’t do it because we have to do it or because of money, we do it because we have passion to share our incredible content with the world. That’s why I started FNL Network, to do something different like no one else has ever done. The type of programming we have and the new things we are doing such as International Digital Fashion Week and International Digital Fashion Week Competition is like no other, no other company is doing what we do. We are the first, and it’s an amazing feeling to work with a global amazing team. That’s why I started it.

Do you see the International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW) being substantial post the Covid pandemic?
International Digital Fashion Week and International Digital Fashion Week Competition are here to stay forever. It’s not going anywhere. The reason why is because it’s accessible to everybody. Fashion lovers and buyers can watch all the fashion films from the safety of their homes. Designers that want to be part of IDFW will have to apply online with this link once they are approved by the board the designers will get an Invitation letter and be onboarded. The IDFW channel is broadcasted on the FNL Network which is free for anyone worldwide to watch on their smart devices, it’s 100% free. So, absolutely it will be 100% sustainable. If one thing good has come for the pandemic, it’s the inspiration I got to be able to make International Digital Fashion Week, the future of fashion.

Are there any designers you are excited to showcase this season?
Yes, but you can’t make me choose just one. International Digital Fashion Week is the only one of it’s kind. We showcase hundreds of designers from all over the world. When you watch it it’s like taking a trip around the world through fashion. You get to see the culture; you get to see the passion and you get to see it through fashion. It’s beautiful. It’s a global experience from the safety and comfort of your own home. I think there are many people out there excited about it.

What is your personal favorite thing to check out on the FNL Network app?
That’s a great question and no one has ever asked me that before. That’s the beauty of FNL network, I love watching all of our content, it just depends on what my mood is, and I get really inspired by it. Most recently it’s been International Digital Fashion Week, I really enjoy the fashion and the music. And there’s plenty of shows to binge with over 100 designers from all over the world involved, it reminds me of my team and how amazing everyone is. Before IDFW, I watched a lot of City Showcase because it’s like walking down memory lane for me, but I know my team agrees it’s one of our favorite shows. Street Style I watch regularly see how people put their fashion together and get inspired by how people wear and put together different pieces. FNL Vintage is fun for me to watch because it brings back a lot of years of memories that I’ve been in the business. I also want to let everyone know that you all can get FNL Network for free with this link

Photo-credit: Douglas Bassett
The artist for the IDFW poster is Gjorgji Despodov

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