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Daringly Glamourous—Kat And Clarese’s Accessory Collection Written By Bethany Robertson

Founded on superb artistry, Kat and Clarese brought glamourous headpieces back to the runway. Their Spring/Summer 22’ collection showcases the brand’s most recent line of gorgeous statement pieces. Sprinkled with netting, glittering crystals, and fantastic fabric flowers, Kat and Clarese’s collection is a wonderful display showcasing what the brand is all about the glamour of individuality.

Kat and Clarese were founded by Kat Cole. Her brand was started when she created a floral headpiece for a model in her husband’s photoshoot. “I received an amazing reaction to the headpiece. It was the genesis of Kat and Clarese,” Kat said.

Audiences couldn’t be more excited that Kat created her brand and shared her artistry with the world. Kat’s most recent designs provide a glamourous escape to all who watch. The collection is sprinkled with dazzling headpieces and gorgeous accessories, all with a touch of vintage inspiration. “Vintage clothing, purses, hats, and accessories when there was so much focus on the detail. That amazing hat, headpiece, brooch, purse. This was my driver for this collection. My goal was to maintain that vintage feel in a modern way,” Kat said.

With her amazing presentation, Kat caught the attention of viewers from around the world. Fraught with fantastic designs, beautiful imagery, and lively music, Kat’s collection debuted in the most exhilarating fashion. “I tried to present my collection in a way that is fun and exciting. I’m hoping people view my brand as new and fresh and playful,” Kat said.

On October 2nd, Kat showcased her collection for Kat and Clarese on International Digital Fashion Week alongside other designers from around the globe. Audiences flocked to see Kat’s stunning collection showcase with many other unique designers. When asked what she enjoyed most about participating in IDFW, Kat responded, “I like the fact that my brand, as an emerging designer, my collection, is being shown along with the established brands. I also like the digital nature of fashion week because you are able to view— and then view again if you like— any of the collections.” Because presentations on IDFW are available for six months, viewers can still watch Kat and Clarese’s sensational presentation.

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