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Designer Spotlight: Dr. Zwack By: Bethany Robertson

With another electrifying presentation, Dr. Zwack rocked International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW) with top-of-the-line talent and energy. Founded by fashion designer Megan Zwack, Dr. Zwack offers everything a fashion lover could ever dream of. This season, we sat down with Megan Zwack to learn more about her inspiration and brand.

Q: Tell us about your brand.

A: My name is Megan Zwack, and I am an artist, designer, and healer who introduces music with fashion, conjuring high-voltage designs embedded with music, mystery, and mojo. My U.S.A.-based design brand, Dr. Zwack showcases one-of-a-kind couture garments made from carefully procured luxe and pure materials. By manipulating line and color, the interplay of light and shadow, and inspiriting creations with song, the Dr. Zwack brand brings a futuristic twist to retro-inspired designs. Each design is embedded with animal totems, crystals, and mystical insignia to tell a story, invoke healing, and is meant to inspire and create impact.

Q: What do you like most about being a designer?

A: Being a designer is the fulfillment of my soul’s expression and the fulfillment of purpose. Earlier in my life I was a young single mom; my life was about survival, and I became very unwell. It was only later on in life, as I pursued my guidance to become a designer, that I was able to heal and tap into the realms of the spirit world through creativity and nurturing my intuition and psychic awareness. The fulfillment of becoming a designer and doing my life’s work has opened up a whole new world for me where there is magic, synchronicity, and surrendering to divine order, and is a lifestyle of ceremony and constant creation in each moment.

Q: Tell us about your new collection.

A: The Buffalo collection calls in the elements of fire, air, water, and earth, and works with the principals of the Native American Medicine Wheel to invoke the Buffalo animal totem and celebrate the mythological lore of the White Buffalo Calf Woman. The collection tells a story of feminine power, completion, justice, respect, stewardship, and cycles that come full circle to make way for the new. The vibrant colors, metallic tones, crystals, and mystical symbols embedded in the collection coalesce into art, purposed to honor the historically rich, diverse, and eclectic Whittier community in Minneapolis, MN from which it was created.

Q: What do you hope viewers take away from watching your video?

A: The Dr. Zwack Buffalo Collection video tells a story of feminine mystique and power. The video was filmed at the legendary Rainbow Chinese Restaurant; a location that was carefully selected which encapsulates the compassionate warrior spirit of the female Chinese immigrant, adorned with plants, flowers, and symbols of goddess-like feminine abundance. With music by Volk band, Eleot Reich’s mysterious, witchy vocals provide the perfect pathway for the collection to mirror the spirit of the space itself to inspire and mesmerize the viewer. I hope to impact the viewer with the fullest essence of my collection and brand, telling the story of the mysterious ways of feminine creation while creating a channel for inspired healing.

Q: What is your favorite part about participating in IDFW?

A: IDFW is a platform that encourages full-blown expression and creativity without limits to designers around the world, as well as it airs on the global level. For me, having artistic and creative freedom as well as full control of my work from the sewing studio to the postproduction video process has become essential. I produce and am the creative director for my editorial shoots and film projects, so to have creative license, while using the perfect medium of video to tell the story of my brand and collections, where the final project is broadcasted globally, is the perfect platform to tell my authentic story internationally, and precisely in the way that I feel the need to represent my collection and my brand.

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