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Doctor Bulent

The Distance Between Dreams And Reality Is Called Doctor B


Known as Doctor B, Op. Bülent Cihantimur, MD is a world-famous aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon who has more than 20 years of experience and owns a membership of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). With his scientific-based innovative works, the famous surgeon has become a phenomenon in Turkey, Europe, and the Middle East and he has brought new methods and different perspectives to medical science with the techniques he developed.

Doctor B takes it as his duty to raise people’s awareness of aesthetic surgery and help them access easily to information and also he eliminated the aesthetic concerns of people who attended TV programs with “new lives” themes and helped them to change in a short period. Saying that his aim is always to create more happiness, Doctor B cares about the inner peace of his patients and defends that aesthetic surgeons principally contribute to self-confidence.
By using media, press, and the internet and attending many events to raise public awareness and show people how to get help from aesthetic surgery, Doctor B has the chance to show his unique vision to the world and he has reached many patients internationally.

“I consider this profession as an art. A scientific art! That is why I consider the results as an artwork.”
Doctor B

Techniques Developed
The most distinctive attribute of Doctor B is that he primarily considers himself as an artist who loves his job, rather than a surgeon. Because he doesn’t repair, he designs. Also, he prioritizes the comfort of his patients with the techniques he developed and he has created a breakthrough with key innovations such as “without surgery, without a trace of the incision, shorter recovery times”.
There are eight special techniques developed by Doctor B:
Non-surgical treatment of Trigger Finger
Cihantimur Fat Transfer System
Cosmetic Ear Correction with Threads
Spider Web Facial Aesthetic
Genital Rejuvenation
Basic Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
Organic Hair Transplantation
Leg Rejuvenation
Close up
Doctor B is among the best 50 plastic surgeons in the world that are specialized in the face, breast and body, fat transplant, and stem cells. In the 3rd World Plastic Surgery Congress held in Monaco, he was awarded the “Golden Bistoury” as a result, of his quality presentation which was about the “Genital Rejuvenation” technique he developed, and the new perspective he has brought to aesthetic surgery. Chosen as the “Physician of the Year” in 2014, Doctor B also told about his techniques at the 17th Paris IMCAS Annual World Congress, which more than 4500 members of the profession attended and he presided over two different sessions. Attending many events like congress, seminars, and workshops, Doctor B spends most of his time on research and development activities.
Doctor B’s patients have one thing in common regardless of their gender, age, or country: The result is 100% satisfaction. There are celebrities, entertainers, supermodels who are considered fashion icons and business managers are among the many patients of Doctor B. His expert surgical skills, aesthetical perspective, practical techniques he developed and his sensitivity to patient ethical values enabled him to obtain a large universal patient experience today.

“Successful cosmetic surgeries are the operations which are impossible to notice but show the vitality”

Doctor B

More than 150 personnel- Estetik International
In 1999, Doctor B founded Estetik International Health Group which is one of the most important health institutions in Turkey, where aesthetic surgery and medical applications are carried out. He is still the general coordinator of this clinic. A first in its area, Estetik International with its more than 150 personnel is among the biggest organizations in Turkey on aesthetic surgery and medical applications. From facial care to surgical operations, Estetik International meets its patients with the same friendliness, attentive care, and professional service in its 7 branches in 4 different cities.
Estetik International Quasar, which started to serve with the motto “Aesthetic Base of the World” in July 2018, is a hospital that serves in many languages with the latest technological operating theaters, comfortable recovery rooms, VIP service, and International Patient Department.

Reject Aging and articles
Doctor B has written a book named “Reject Aging” in which he narrates how to protect beauty and presented unique, striking, and opposing content in his book which has its second press. He has put forward the beauty protector concept which claims that flaws are beautiful and excludes the golden ratio. He told about how people can protect themselves from aging, what types of precautions can be taken, and when and how to get help from aesthetic surgery. Doctor B also included the techniques he developed in his book which has the patient stories.

“There’s no such thing as an ugly person, everybody is beautiful! It’s in your power to protect the beauty and reject aging”

Doctor B

Doctor B is also a columnist in Turkey’s leading media organs to raise public awareness, improve individuals’ quality of personal care, give directions, guide, and provide ease of access to true information.

Doctor B Active Cosmetics
Doctor B states that daily and regular maintenance is the basis of healthy skin. Therefore, he launched the active cosmetic brand he developed and thus he offered a range of products to his patients and other consumers for their daily care routine. Doctor B Active Cosmetics helps people to continue being beauty protectors at home with formulations in which aesthetic surgery and active cosmetic products come together. With these products that reflect his innovative and visionary perspective, Doctor B is working to help people feel younger, live happier and healthier, and most importantly, help them to find out their existing potential.
These formulations have been developed to put on the world market and they have been offered as a product range that people can use before and after aesthetic surgery and during their daily care routine.

Active in different areas like being a jury in beauty contests, the most important proof of Doctor B’s energy is the social responsibility campaigns and sponsorships he attends regardless of his busy schedule. Also traveling to share his information and follow innovative and modern surgical developments, Doctor B organizes certification programs and training to share his surgical skills.
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