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Enchantingly Intricate Designs—Georgia Pattos’s Stunning Collection Written By Bethany Robertson

A self-taught artist, Georgia Pattos has been astonishing audiences with her amazingly intricate jewelry pieces. Winding metal wires together with jewels and pearls in the most fantastic of ways, Georgia’s complex creations look as if they were spun together through the touch of a magic wand. Georgia Pattos, however, makes all her work by hand. She utilizes the skills and knowledge passed down to her through her unique heritage.

“Georgia Pattos is a direct descendant of the ancient Greek tribe, the Thracians. Her art is self-taught—hence the individuality of her portfolio. Her belief is that the knowledge and skills she draws upon are vested in her Thracian heritage; she feels her heritage is creatively expressed through her work,” her publicist said in an interview.

Georgia’s remarkable skills are evident in her work. With exquisitely mesmerizing color combinations, carefully curated pearls, and sophisticatedly designed details, Georgia Pattos amazes global audiences with her wonderful talents. Inspired by fabulous antiquities, Georgia brings a fresh perspective to modern metalwork.

“Her most recent work has been inspired by the art of Ancient Greece, Renaissance Italy, the Byzantine Era, the Persian Empire, Australia (Aboriginal), Japanese Kintsugi, Chinese, and art of the Holy Land,” her publicist said.

Such inspirations have resulted in Georgia’s most recent collection of gorgeously handcrafted jewelry. With color schemes and textures reminiscent of ancient art and architecture, Georgia’s collection of jewelry offers a modern twist on ancient trends.

On October 2nd, Georgia’s collection was published in a presentation on International Digital Fashion Week, a platform that brings together designers from around the globe to present their fantastic fashion collections. When asked what Georgia hopes viewers will take away from her presentation, her publicist responded, “that innovation and beautiful never seen before artifacts can be hand created by innovative artisans—even in today’s world.”

Audiences are sure to appreciate Georgia Pattos’s artistry. Her exquisitely crafted designs are a feast to the eyes and soothing to the soul. IDFW presents global audiences with the perfect opportunity to escape into Georgia’s fantastic collection. When asked what Georgia enjoys most about participating in IDFW, her publicist responded, “Being able to participate and be part of a cutting-edge platform with a highly discerning audience.” Since presentations are available for six months, viewers can still watch and rewatch all of their favorite designers to present their beautiful collections.

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