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Every Time Is Like The First Time


Usually, people think to be a participant in Beauty Contest is not hard work or a big deal at all. But no one knows the real-life experience until they try it for themselves. Being the owner of a model agency and the winner of the title of Mrs. Ukraine United World 2018, I knew it is a real fight for the main title in every contest. To be honest, when I discovered that I would be without my group of supporters, of makeup artists, hairdressers, and my boyfriend, I wasn’t upset but embarrassed. All the preparations I needed before Mrs. Planet 2019 we did together with my group in 3 days, so I decided to make this situation a motivation for taking the crown home. I am so thankful to my designers who created amazing costumes in one day and night, which you can see in the pictures. National costume – designer Natalia Tsybulko, National headwear – Bozhena Lobanova, Planet Green Dress costume – green coat by Natalia Tsybulko, bodysuit was drawn by painter Ulyana Chernenko, Couture Dress for the crowning, that deserves to be on the Red Carpet at The Cannes Festival was made by Nina Shafinska, that used an original fabric of Versace, the earnings for the evening gown were made by Bozhena Lobanova. For the opening dance, I brought designer white hats from the latest collection that was mentioned in 3 Vogue from the Fashion Week Maria Starchak. Special presents for the jury were made in one night by Viktoriia Bakai, they were perfumes that we were creating 6 hours for men and women. And all this was provided and helped by Katrin Synenka who was in Portugal at the time of the contest. A lot of thanks to Volodymyr Kulbatskyi, Natalia Krylova, Olga Yanush, and Viktoriia Bakai for the beauty support. My portfolio was made by Andrii Roshkovskyi and Yaroslava Troshyna. Also, I am very thankful for Leon Guerrero Schroeder for all the emotional support that he gave me every day and that gave me the power to believe in myself. All this wouldn’t happen without the help of my family. I am happy to have such a big and strong team to support and love me.

As a real fighter, I understood my mission for the next days of the contest. I found powers inside of me for not going back empty handed and I took what I had come for, the crown.

As a result, every time it is like the first time. Every time you got a crown you get new forces for holding the title.

I want to also admit the President of Mrs. Planet 2019 Beauty Contest Irina Papazova who is a very strong woman, she was a real example for us of how to be a perfect Lady. In addition, my National Director Eka Mgaloblishvili, took care of me from the very beginning until the end and even after the contest. Artem Timchenko, the choreographer of Mrs. Planet 2019, was very professional and very kind to us and made all the contestants together feel like a family. Kremena Antonova made us an artistic dance eco-planet and made us feel like Divas in the theatre.

I have to state that this contest was held in Sophia, Bulgaria, and also in 2 other cities in Bulgaria. Our program was full of adventures and positive episodes which made our time spent in this country exciting as well.

I am very proud to receive the title of Mrs. Planet 2019 and I promise to use it for charity projects and to make this world better. That is the main goal for all of us who were participants in Mrs. Planet 2019.


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