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Fashionable Home Renovations For Work And Play Written By: Megan Cooper

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More and more people are working from home than ever before. With this change, many are struggling to separate work and life in their homes. With a few updates and a bit of work, you can make sure you have all the beautiful spaces you need in your home for work, play, and relaxation.

Bring Nature Indoors and Relax

The benefits of having plants and light indoors are huge. Plants reduce stress levels, boost your mood, improve air quality, and raise levels of productivity. In fact, even having pictures of plants in your space can provide some of these benefits.

If your thumb is more black than green, consider several trendy species that are quite hardy. Succulents, such as kalanchoe, and bromeliads add a bright punch of color to any space. Many foliage plants are also easy to grow and are a beautiful way to bring the outdoors inside.

Plants aren’t restricted to living areas, though. You’ll see more and more greenery popping up in Zoom backgrounds in offices around the world.


Another tip for home and home office: organization systems bring a sense of calm to any room. While trends come and go, you have to make sure you make a choice that works for you and your daily routine. Neutral colors are on the rise along with utilizing multipurpose shelving and bins that serve different purposes and are used in different spaces. Whether you want your space to spark joy or to be coordinated in a rainbow of shades, make sure it’s also practical and useful.

Prioritize Productivity in Your Home Office

When you’re working from home, it’s easy to get distracted when you leave your office. To maximize productivity, make sure you have everything you need for work within reach. This could include purchasing an extra stapler, a pair of scissors, or a printer to make sure you don’t have to move into another room when you need those items.
You’ll want a good desk with plenty of working room and space for organizing supplies you use often. Try incorporating a graphic wallpaper on one focus wall or focusing on one other design element that brightens your mood and keeps you focused.

Dedicate a Space to Fun

You’ve already set a space aside for working in your home, but don’t forget to balance that out with space for relaxing. This might be a space with a large table for playing board games with family and friends. It could be a sewing room with open cabinets for all your materials and other notions. Whatever your hobbies are, they give you a great way to maintain a work-life balance and provide you with stress release. Customize the area to your specific needs, and it should leave you feeling happy and energized.

This Is Only the Beginning

There’s no end to the small changes you can undertake in your home to make it more comfortable, relaxing, and energizing. So much of your life is spent at home that it should be a place you love.
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