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Biplob Saha is an entrepreneur full of extraordinary skills in the fashion industry of Bangladesh. Since 1994, after completing his MFA in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University, he has devoted himself to the use of art for the welfare of the country and the nation. Even in this unstable time of free market economy, while searching for own roots, as a fashion designer, he has always given priority to native weavers.

One of the fashion brands of this country “Bishworang ” has been drenched in the genuine love of the fashion conscious for its diverse work since 1994. Biplob Saha’s exploratory work is the result of a soulful effort for the fashion conscious in the fashion world of Bangladesh in the past. The country’s history-tradition-hobbies, masks, embroidery fans, poet Rabindranath Tagore, Patochitro of Bengal, Bangla Ponjika, Panam Nagar, terracotta of Kantji temple, rickshaw motif along with precious motifs such as Alpona as decoration of clothes bring the native fashion into the mix of history and tradition.

In the international arena, the country’s fashion has been displayed in the mix of history and tradition in the countries of fashion conscious people like America, India, Malaysia, Canada. He gave a gift to the fashion industry of Bangladesh with the presence of very bright colors in the clothes which made the fashion industry of Bangladesh more colorful in an exemplary manner. The result of Tangail’s unrelenting effort to bring the dirty cotton saree into line with modern fashion is present in the fashion industry of Bangladesh today. The colorfulness of the dress on different days started with Biplob Saha, which today has a uniform style

In the celebration of Baisakh, the glorious festival of Bengali heritage and culture, like every year, the country’s history and traditions are accompanied by fashion. In Baisakh 2017, the first revolution came to Sahar’s mind. Expression of aesthetics in effort. In that year, the first Biplob Sahar to express that idea, on the occasion of the glorious festival of Boishakh, the Boishakhi clothes were named “Traditional Bangla Cinema” collection, which will be a milestone in the fashion industry of Bangladesh forever.

From that idea, the trend of film promotion through fashion started in this country. Later, in 2018, the film “Devi” was made with the government grant from the first novel of the same name of the famous Misir Ali series by the famous writer Humayun Ahmed of Bangladesh. Fashion designer Biplob Saha chose clothes as a medium to promote his fancy clothes. For the first time, film promotion started in the country’s film and fashion industry through fashion shows. After that, fashion designer Biplob Saha connected the campaign plans of Poran, Golui, Beauty Circus, Maa film one by one. Now a trend has started in this country to promote films through fashion. The pioneer of which we can say is fashion designer Biplob Saha.

Biplob Saha is not restricted by any single identity, he is a painter, popular fashion designer, musician and the Managing Director of fashion house “Bishworang”.

Not only limited to clothing, but out of social responsibility, in 2010, he organized a ground-breaking exhibition titled “Presence of color in our daily life” for the first time at the National Museum, which gained wide appreciation from the common people to Buddhist circles. Sarab was also on the path to protect the domestic boutique industry in the need of the hour.

Organized a unique competition and exhibition titled “Amar Rang a Amar Ma” on “Mother’s Day” with the aim of intellectual development of children. Children’s Akan Prawant has used the vivid painting as a fashion reference to different levels. All popular reality shows like Twenty-Twenty Colors, Sarad Saje Bishworang’s Didi, Basonti Sundori are organized by Talented people from all over the country who were selected and given advanced training to the media of this country. Some of them are working at the international level now.


Story Contributed By: Saif Rahman Sozib for World Fashion Media News

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