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Since 2015, the Fashion News Lifestyle Network (FNL Network) has been delighting audiences with a
variety of fashion, entertainment, travel, news, and lifestyle content. Such content has been recognized as
some of the best in the world. More recognition made its way to FNL Network, as multiple FNL Network
programs were nominated for and won multiple awards at the 14 th Annual Taste Awards.

The FNL Network Talkshow won the Entertainment and Lifestyle News Award, and was nominated for
the Best Fashion, Design, or Home Décor Program. Carol Alt’s Living Room won the Best Fashion,
Design, or Home Décor Program Award, and was nominated for Best Studio or Production Company.
International Digital Fashion Week was nominated for Best Single Topic Series and Best Producer. The
FNL Network Talkshow, Carol Alt’s Living Room, International Digital Fashion Week, and more can all
be found on all of the platforms listed at or be streamed online at

Rocco Leo Gaglioti and several cast members from the FNL Network Talkshow were in attendance at the
Taste Awards Ceremony on March 13 th , 2023. Of the acceptance speeches at the event, Rocco Leo
Gaglioti had one of the most touching speeches, where he signed it first in ASL for his mother— Bonita
Leek— who is Deaf and was in attendance at the ceremony. Getty Images photographed the event as well.
View the images here:

Congratulations to the FNL Network Talkshow Cast (Geoffrey Ownes, Sean Bennett, Bettina Skye,
Eugenia Kuzmina, Diana Gebbia, Marianne Estridge, Holly Hester, and Kay Montgomery), the FNL
Network Crew (Rocco Leo Gaglioti, Bethany Robertson, Steven Bridges, and Brandon Tilghman), and
the cast of Carol Alt’s Living Room (Carol Alt, Alexei Yashin, Fern Mallis, Irina Pantaeva, Iris Apfel, Jay
Manuel, Joanna, Mastroianni, Nicole Miller, Nigel Barker, Pat Cleveland, Patrick McMullan, Ralph
Rucci, Stuart Weitzman, and Zang Toi) for their amazing achievements.


About FNL Network
FNL Network is the #1 global fashion lifestyle channel for all things on the cutting edge of fashion and
entertainment. Fashion News Lifestyle Network, founded in 2016, showcases a diverse range of
entertainment to millions of viewers around the world. The network blends a seamless combination of
fashion, film, travel, beauty, health, and reality TV to create an incomparable viewer experience. The
founder and CEO, Rocco Leo Gaglioti created this diverse platform in order to show users a new
perspective on the world of fashion.

Media Contact
Company Name: FNL Network
Contact Person: Blanka Naginaye
Email: [email protected]

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