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Local And International Achievers,
Honored At The First Ganap Tv Digital Awards

The first GANAP TV Digital Awards was successfully aired last March 20, 2021, at Ganap TV Online channel. They recognized the Local and International Achievers who’ve been part and participated in their previous episodes.

The digital event was hosted by Mr. Nolo Lopez – International Recording Artist, Ms. Mariel Prion – Model and Beauty Queen – Ms. Teen GLAM International, Mrs. Charo Calalo Laude- Mrs. Universe-Philippines 2019 and Mr. Lance Raymundo – Viva Artist Singer/Actor/Model/Brand Influencer.

Local and International Celebrities from the Netherlands, London, Turkey, Canada, India, and other countries are featured in the show. The GANAP TV Digital Awards honored Local and International Celebrities for their participation in the previous episodes in which they took part in the program to inspire and give hope in the midst of the pandemic.

In March 2020 during the lockdown, John and Bench thought of creating an online program and invited guests from different walks of life and tackled a lot of topics to encourage and inspire all viewers not to despair and have the courage to face such a situation. As we all know that many are depressed during this time. Because of the local and international guests of the program who provided comfort and inspiration so it continues to this day. Global Fashion Designer John Guarnes and International Creative and Technical Director Bench Bello developed the concept. When the program started, there were so many Digital Programs emerged but only a few programs stayed on air Ganap TV still continues with their programs such as The Digital Tandem of John and Bench, Dear Mamou V by Ms. Virgie Monton and they also have an upcoming program THE PINK ROSE SHOW by Ms. Rose Tolentino Santiago Licup a Philanthropist and Socialite.

Successful and well-respected people were part of the jury, including Atty. Maggie Abraham-Garduque (Celebrity Lawyer), Director Larry Asistin (TSG Franchisor/Events Director), Benz Jandoc (CEO-BrandAsia Channel and BrandVentures), Sandra Kaczkurkin (CEO-Founder-Editor at Large WFMN) and Matte Laurel-Lifestyle Writer of Canadian Inquirer and COO for Ron Zalko Fitness and Yoga Club.

Recently, John and Bench were awarded as Best Hosts and Best Technical Director of FLAME INTERNATIONAL in London, UK. The Live premiere of the Digital Awards is still available on their Social Media Accounts at Ganap TV Online. They encourage everyone to subscribe to their YouTube Channel and like their Facebook Page.

Here is the complete list of the awardees:

Best Episode for Fashion Designers (Local) – Ranel Espaldon
Best Pageant Episode for Male – Julius Luis Espinosa
Best Episode for Artist/Painter – Skyler de Leon
Best Episode for Showbiz Personality – Mon Confiado
Best International Celebrity Episode – Borje Lundberg
Best Pageant Episode for Married Woman – Sarima Paglas and Charo Laude
Best Youth-Oriented Episode – Mariel Prion
Best Episode for Business – Mel Martinez
Best Inspiring Episode for Women – Justin Correa
Best Episode for Fashion Designers (International) – Vino Supraja (India)
Best Musical Episode – Gino Padilla and Gerald Santos
Film Director of the Year – Romm Burlat
Best Spiritual Episode – Judah Paolo
Best Episode for Pageant (Single Woman) – Caroline Veronilla (Miss Universe Philippines 2020)
Best Fitness Episode – Chris Martin Bond
Best Advocacy Episode – Deniece Cornejo and Limuel Hayag Vilela
Global Entrepreneur of the Year – Elisa Sonza
International Model/Businessman – Limuel Vilela
International Multimedia Celebrity Ambassador – Miisz Gracie
International Multimedia Artist Ambassador – Rachana Jain
International Artist Ambassador – Adrie Van de Nieuwenhof
İnternational Celebrity Ambassador – Burhan Sırmabıyıkoğlu
Ganap TV Online Photographer Ambassador – Jun Muga
Ganap TV Online Photographer Ambassador – Erick Isaac
Ganap TV Online Ambassador – Rose Tolentino Santiago
Beauty Queen with a Cause – Apple Carino
Most Viewed Episode – Hermoso Twins
Most Viewed Teaser – Arjun Gange
Global Filipino Actor of the Year – Mon Confiado
Celebrity/Social Media Influencer of the Year – Lance Raymundo
Leading Man/Woman in Wellness – Doc Rob and Patricia Javier
Ganap TV Ambassador – Charo Laude
Comedy Actress of the Year with a Purpose – Beverly Salviejo
Beauty and Wellness Advocate – Dra. Risa Caldoza
Best Advocate for Animal Rights – Burhan Sırmabıyıkoğlu
Most Glamorous Celebrity Guest – Charo Laude
Best Fashion Magazine – Spotted Magazine
Best Youth Group – Rommboyz Zone
International Ambassador – Patricia Isaak
Most Inspiring Women – Sara Hassany
International Soprano Singer of the Year – Marisa Di Muro
Ganap TV Ambassador – Amber Noval
Special Recognition Award – Yana Flame
Promising Film Producer of the Year – Pamela Ortiz
Cancer Patient Advocate – Rey Allen Castillo
Women’s Health Advocate – Dra. Rebecca Singson

The Ganap TV Digital Awards sponsors are Goldenpine Enterprises Inc., MetaOrient Medical Equipment & Supplies Trading – CEO Ms.Elise Sonza, Casa Medica, Inc., Lexerl Trading, Supreme Simon’s Place Resto and Bar, Lens of Life Production, VM Designs and Furnitures owned by Ms. Vi, PRIMO Modelo Philippines, and Villa Susana Events Place.

The next season of the Ganap TV Digital Awards will be in July 2021. They will recognize the following: Social Media Influencers, Online Businesses, Vloggers, Bloggers, Digital Marketing, Online shows, Online Series, Online Films, Online Media, etc.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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