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Healing Through Fashion—Dr. Zwack’s Gold Lion Collection Written By Bethany Robertson

Dr. Zwack’s exhilarating collection dazzled the runway with bright colors and mesmerizing prints. Its new collection titled “Gold Lion” provides the perfect escape to viewers from around the world. The label’s founder and designer, Megan Zwack, is an extremely talented creative. She designs each collection based on colors, patterns, symbols, and animal totems that appear in her dreams. This unique creative process results in the most spiritual designs that have ever graced the runway.

“My label, Dr. Zwack, suggests the shamanic, creative healing process that I use to make manifest the visions that are downloaded to me by the spirit in a very profound way. Being a designer isn’t so much following my passions, as it is my soul purpose, who I intrinsically am, and answering the call,” Megan said in an interview.

Fashion design is certainly Megan’s calling. Her gorgeous designs are music to the soul. With vibrant colors, dreamy fabrics, and stunning silhouettes, Megan’s collections are just what the doctor ordered to uplift the spirit.

The label’s most recent collection, “Gold Lion,” was inspired by the song “Gold Lion” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Megan woke up one morning with the song stuck in her head, and the song stayed with her for days. “That is always how I know it’s time to begin a major cycle of creation, and that song title immediately became the title of the collection. I had been working with the Lion totem for many years, and I knew it would be powerful to complete and integrate the regal lionesses’ frequencies of power and courage into a full body of work,” Megan said.

Megan’s inspiration resulted in a powerful collection. Her enchanting designs are sure to have a positive influence on viewers.

“I dream to impact and inspire viewers with frequencies of medicinal beauty, mystical insignia, and emissions of joy. I hope to move and inspire the viewer in a way that is unique to each individual, and in the way that the organic flow of creation is meant to unfurl,” Megan said.

On October 2nd, Dr. Zwack’s collection was published on International Digital Fashion Week. Audiences rushed to see Dr. Zwack’s magical collection debut alongside several other designers from around the globe. When asked what her favorite part of participating in IDFW is, Megan responded, “IDFW is a platform that connects my story to the stories of other designers from around the world and is accessed by viewers at the global level. It is an honor to participate each season to tell my story in a way that is more powerful than words while being intertwined in a giant spider web of creation amongst such an extraordinarily combined level of talent and creativity; it is truly mind-blowing to me.” Viewers can still watch Dr. Zwack’s inspiring collection. Because presentations on IDFW are available for six months, audiences can watch and rewatch all of their favorite designers showcasing their collections from around the world.

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