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Hoi Fashion Week London September 2022 Post Press Release.

This fashion week in London was cast with the devastating news of the announcement of HM Queen Elizabeth II passing on Thursday 8th September. A few days before London Fashion Week, the industry was un unsure and unclear on what to do. Saturday 10th September the announcement was made that the State Funeral of the Late Monarch would take place Monday 19th September which fell during London Fashion Week.

House of iKons Fashion Week London paid tribute to HM Queen Elizabeth II before their show started. With a speech from the founder, the inspiration the Late Monarch gave during her reign of duty, service, and dedication to the United Kingdom, The Commonwealth, The Realms, and the rest of the World. All guests were asked to stand during the National Anthem and thank Her Majesty for 70 years of service. All staff, music artists, and hosts wore black; models and designers work black wristbands in honor and respect to the Late Monarch.

This show has pulled in over 1,000 people per day in attendance, with private clients, buyers, department stores, and boutiques, also in attendance were high net worth guests.

Their designers have platformed worldwide and worked with celebrities such as Jlo, Katy Perry, Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, and many more which can be seen on their social media and various press. Designers have also been selected from the shows to be wardrobe designers for feature films.

Designers and creatives from around the WORLD will truly be ‘Uniting the World of Creativity’ under ONE roof. Highlighting: beauty, creativity, art, and diversity. Overcoming the current global obstacles FASHION CAN’T BE STOPPED, FASHION CAN NEVER BE STOPPED!

This platform has always taken great pride in offering opportunities to all creatives from all backgrounds and all ages from around the world upon their platform. This season was a mixture of men’s, women’s, and children’s wear. From high street, sportswear, couture to theatrical costumes graced the runway.

The show continues to celebrate beauty and diversity on its platform of models of all AGES, SHAPE, HEIGHT, and BACKGROUNDS from around the WORLD! Setting the STANDARD as market LEADERS, not followers! The event was held at the Leonardo Royal St Pauls London hotel in the heart of the City of London on Saturday 17th September 2022. This show continues to be the innovative voice for creatives so that they can be HEARD and SEEN!

HoI Fashion Week London with their partner LIBERTÉ INTERNATIONAL (LI) launched their first designer ‘Sigrun’ into the MetaVerse with NFTs of the designer ready to be purchased at the show.

With new and emerging designers, performances, and VIRTUAL experiences, HoI Fashion Week London created a whole new fashion EXPERIENCE.

HoI Fashion Week London maintains their position as one of the top 6 brands of Innovative Voices in The Fashion World on Wiki Vid. Which is what this platform stands for. Highlighting beauty, and creativity from around the world pushing the boundaries that fashion, art, and creativity are for everyone regardless of color, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, size, age, and sexual orientation, and continuing to showcase their creatives and shake the pillars of the fashion industry as the innovative voices of fashion

This season the grand opening of the show was a brand supported by the Thai Royal Family – ICHKA.

For more than 9 decades, Queen Sirikit, (aka Her Majesty the Queen Rama 9), has provided opportunities through supplementary occupations to households throughout Thailand in order to preserve the arts and culture of Thailand. The controversial growing of hemp under strict government control has recently been permitted after successful trials with a view to benefitting the economy through increased commerce. Hemp is now successfully integrated into many products with an emphasis on arts, crafts, and fashion products. Queen Sirikit has been a strong advocator of women’s fashion and has championed the cultivation of Thai silk throughout her reign. She is a role model for all Thai women and as a result, has brought about the empowerment of Thai women in the 21st Century.

The link between the brand and Queen Sirikit is that she is a strong advocate of integrating hemp (the same as she has for Thai Silk) into cultural products, including fashion. This has enabled brands such as Tirawat’s of ICHKA to exist for the betterment of the Thai economy and Thai people.

The event was Sponsored by: The Fashion Life Tour & Girl Meets Brush

Fashion Show:
Segment ONE
1. GRAND OPENING: ICHKA & Chiangrai Culture
2. Love Collection
3. Phor Popes represented by The Fashion Life Tour
4. BC Munich
5. Marcel of London
7. Viviene Tsai
8. Trisha’s Closet represented by The Fashion Life Tour
9. CLC Couture
10. Fashion Disorder represented by The Fashion Life Tour
11. Grindei Denisa
12. L Royal Luxury Sports
13. Stormy Weather represented by The Fashion Life Tour
14. GRAND FINALE: IMFAM BY Howe Magazine

Segment TWO
2. Jhay Layson
3. Black Sugar
4. House of Holden represented by The Fashion Life Tour
5. Sonata Kaminske
6. Shameless represented by The Fashion Life Tour
8. Dorcas Couture represented by The Fashion Life Tour
9. Chantwa
10. Saima Chaudhry
11. Joyce Penas Pilarsky
12. Active Kids
13. GRAND FINALE: Suzi Buki

Social Media:
Instagram: @hoifashionweeklondon
Facebook: HoI Fashion Week London


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