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House Of Ikons Fashion Week London February 2020


Celebrity Sinitta/ Photo by Hicks Mestry


The independent show has been growing and gaining momentum since its launch in September 2014 launched in London as well as shows around the world. Designers from this launch pad have dressed the like likes of Michelle Obama, Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Jlo and the list goes on.

House of iKons has always liked to bring issues to the forefront via fashion, which includes domestic violence, abuse of young children in domestic violence environments, endometriosis – a disease that is effecting young women as young as 16 years causing issues with their internal organs, and issues of falling pregnant in the future (which the designer was then interviewed by the BBC as a result) and the most talked about collection, Robots on the Runway by Honee and robots supplied by Omhnilabs which was viewed by over 400million viewers worldwide by BBC as well as other news and media outlets. The concept was the marriage between fashion and technology.

This season’s fashion week in London, special guests from international government officials and celebrity stylists, and celebrity singer/producer and good friend of Simon Cowell, Sinitta make a guest appearance in the evening.

Designers from around the world graced their collections on the iKons catwalk.

Pushing diversity in every way from ethnic backgrounds, size, shape, height, and age, with the CEO Savita gracing the catwalk with the curvy models highlighting fashion is for everyone. Savita Kaye ‘This was the most humbling experience walking with these beautiful strong models. We will continue to push the boundaries and highlight fashion is for everyone”.

As a result, House of iKons is now one of the top 6 brands of Innovative Voices in The Fashion World on Wiki Vid. Which is what the House of iKons has stood for. Highlighting beauty, and creativity from around the world pushing the boundaries that fashion, art, and creativity are for everyone regardless of ethnic origin, religious beliefs, size, age, and sexual orientation.

‘We will continue to showcase our iKons and shake the pillars of the fashion industry. These are the innovative voices of fashion!’

The evening solo segment was in partnership with Solo Segment: UK-CHINA FASHION ARTS & CULTURE celebrating beauty, culture, art, and fashion. With the media and press coverage on China at present due to the ‘coronavirus’, the CEO stated it was imperative that this segment is pushed to the forefront, highlighting that House of iKons does not discriminate and that there is only one race and that is the Human Race. Feedback from this segment was very positive, collections were graceful with a twist of both Chinese and Western influences.

This season’s show was also part of a USA reality TV show ‘Rising Fashion Show’ which will be aired on Amazon Prime, and these iKons show will be the grand season 2 opening. The reality TV show will also be returning to London in September’s fashion week with House of iKons highlighting not just the show but the build, and drama just before the catwalk.

Overall highlights of the House of iKons Fashion Week London Footage

Preparation for the September 2020 London show is already underway. The iKons are the innovative voices of fashion.

A Renee Fashion/ Photo by Hicks Mestry

Milner Men’s / Photo by Hicks Mestry

Bashayer Al-Khaleej/ Photo by Mark Gunter

HillTribe House Fashion / Photo by Hicks Mestry

Tony Visions/ Photo by Hicks Mestry

Ana de Sa / Photo by Hicks Mestry

Marie Belle Couture / Photo by Pardesi Photo

BC Munich / Photo by Pardesi Photo

Bladimir Sigua/ Photo by Pardesi Photo

Shaco / Photo by Hicks Mestry

Fouzia’s Couture by Rehan Ahmed Baley / Photo by Pardesi Photo

Emre Tamer / Photo by Pardesi Photo

Khwanta / Photo by Pardesi Photo

iKons: Inspirational Women of the New Decade led by the CEO of House of iKons / Photo by Pardesi Photo

Will Franco / Photo by Pardesi Photo

SOLO Segment on China by UK-CHINA FASHION ARTS & CULTURE / Photo by Pardesi Photo

Joan’s Bridal Couture / Photo by Hicks Mestry

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