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House Of Ikons Fashion Week London February 2022




House of iKons (HoI) Fashion Week London was back again on February 19th, 2022. The event was held at the Leonardo Royal St Pauls London Hotel. This was their first February season since lockdown. Last February 2021 a Fashion Film “Uniting the World of Creativity’ was released, this year this same fashion film was played to guests during the live show.

During Pre Pandemic, HoI Fashion Week London live shows pulled in over 1,000 people per day in attendance, with private clients, buyers, department stores, and boutiques, also in attendance high net worth guests. This February did not disappoint either with both shows packed with guests, VIPs and media, and press.

Designers and creatives traveled from around the world to showcase at this event truly bought to life ‘Uniting the World of Creativity’ under ONE roof. Highlighting: beauty, creativity, art, and diversity. Overcoming the current global obstacles FASHION CAN NOT BE STOPPED, FASHION CAN NEVER BE STOPPED!

This season the show celebrated diversity on its platform of models of all AGES, SHAPE, HEIGHT, and BACKGROUNDS from around the WORLD.

With Storm Eunice in full force, delays in travel for guests attending the show as well as designers travelling in from other countries. Flights were diverted, but in the end, the ‘creative storm’ on the runway was way too strong for even ‘Storm Eunice’ to stop.

America’s Next Top Models Kiara Belen and Victoria Henley graced the HoI Fashion Week London Catwalk with the show’s sponsor ‘The Fashion Life Tour’ also created a storm with their presence on the runway showcasing a number of designers’ unique creations.

This season, the event also gave the opportunity to guests to be part of the fashion experience. Normally with fashion shows guests watch the shows and may attend an after party; but with this event, once the fashion shows were over, guests had the opportunity to meet with the designers. As a result, 12 designers sold their unique pieces plus several orders took place.

There was also an opportunity for guests to part take in an editorial shoot and feel like a ‘fashion model’ as well as the ever-popular VIP 360 Booth. Guests and media were also invited to take a step into the ‘Virtual Fashion World’ on the ‘Metaverse’ and meet with HoI virtual partners LIBERTÉ INTERNATIONAL.

HoI Fashion Week London announced and launched their partnership with LIBERTÉ INTERNATIONAL (LI). The collaboration will see both HoI and LI jointly launch NFTs and Wearables of Fashion designer’s clothing and accessories designs on the Metaverse to an audience on a global scale.

The collaboration will also see LI launch HOI’s own Virtual Fashion Show which will aim at creating a platform for fashion designers across the world to showcase their new collections virtually.

This will enhance the way designers interact with their audience and clients on a truly global scale whilst offering an unprecedented opportunity to excel in their business revenue.

A move that will truly change the face of Fashion

With the constant push on diversity and pushing boundaries further with digital and virtual shows, HoI Fashion Week London is one of the top 6 brands Innovative Voices in The Fashion World on Wiki Vid. Which is what HoI has stood for. Highlighting beauty, and creativity from around the world pushing the boundaries that fashion, art, and creativity are for everyone regardless of color, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, size, age, and sexual orientation. These are the innovative voices of fashion.

As well as being a platform for designers, it has also become a platform for new music artists. There were music performances by two up-and-coming British Music Artists ‘Young Athena’ and ‘PHE PHE’.

A surprise special guest and Three time Grammy WINNER Gramps Morgan performed a beautiful blend of Reggae and Country at the show.

The event is Sponsored by: The Fashion Life Tour & Girl Meets Brush

Fashion Show:
Segment ONE 2.20 pm
1. Grand Opening: Korn Taylor (Children’s Wear)
2. Agnes Krivanics
3. Shaleena Nowbuth – Represented by The Fashion Life Tour
4. Postcode Fashion London
5. Ana de Sa: Represented by The Fashion Life Tour
6. Jennifer Younger Designs
7. Young Gods – Represented by The Fashion Life Tour
8. Active Kids Wear by Victoria Venczel
9. N8 by Nathan VanDeVelde
10. Bladimir Sigua
11. HARRIE – The Label
12. Athea Couture
13. BC Munich
14. Grand Finale: SWAG HQ (Street/Dance Wear)

Segment TWO 5.00 pm
1. Grand Opening: Chavez
2. Taj B Couture – Represented by The Fashion Life Tour
3. Stada Boutique (Children’s – Teen Wear)
4. Au Clair De Luna
5. Love Collection (Pre-Teen Wear)
6. Sigrun: Represented by The Fashion Life Tour
7. B&K
8. Hannan El Bou: Represented by The Fashion Life Tour
9. Adriana Ostrowska (Children’s Wear)
10. Suzi Buki
11. TáWA
12. Korn Taylor (Women’s Wear)
13. Grand Finale: Rybolt Couture by Erica Rybolt


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