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Idfw Designers Feature #3


Concept & idea: Saif Rahman Sozib
Contributor: Seana Crane

One of the greatest parts of International Digital Fashion Week on FNL Network is seeing the influence of different cultures from all over the world on clothing. Today we will be looking at DellenKilten of Helsingland, Jelena Malesevic, Gulnara Kassym, Weiling Chang, ChapanSar, Saja V Designs, Dana Ashimova, and Naggah.

DellenKilten of Helsingland is a Swedish brand. Their clothes include traditional Swedish pieces, more specifically kilts. A kilt can be worn as everyday wear or for something more formal such as a wedding. DellenKIlten of Helsingland realized the versatility of this clothing item and based their brand around it. They focus on quality and make their kilts out of wool. Focus is placed on nature and this is represented on IDFW as the models walk through ice and snow.

Serbian designer Jelena Malesevic created her spring/summer 2021 collection for MORFIUM based on the theme “Transmission.” Between the edgy pieces and the black-and-white video, a dark yet beautiful collection was made. There is something for everybody by featuring a number of silhouettes and fabrics. From a simple gown to a futuristic mini, Malesevic does an exceptional job of designing a collection that has a range.

Gulnara Kassym takes an elegant spin on Kazakhstan wear. The video includes a bold red coat adorned with sequins and a pastel pink dress styled two ways; first, it was styled with a long black coat with an embroidered detail on the back, and then with a short teal vest. The looks were accessorized with traditional pieces including the headdress that is shown with every outfit. Through these looks, you can see Kassym’s mission to maintain female strength, beauty, and confidence really shine through.

“Light as air” was the inspiration for Weiling Chang’s SS21 collection. Light fabrics were used to imitate a summer breeze with the clothing. These fabrics were draped to create a silhouette that flows with the body. This, along with the use of pastels, creates perfect spring/summer clothing. Flower patterns, bell bottoms, as well as the aforementioned draped fabrics, bring viewers of the show back to the 70s. Weiling Chang spring/summer 2021 is going to be essential when the first warm breeze hits next year.

ChapanSar is a brand by Zhumagal Sarieva from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan that focuses on making pieces that are environmentally friendly, comfortable, and of high quality. ChapanSar’s brand is based on creating modern chaplains and other traditional clothing. A chapan is a coat typically worn in Central Asian countries. The collection shown on IDFW is influenced by on-trend streetwear looks. The silhouettes of the coats are oversized/boxy which is a very popular street look. One of Sarieva’s main goals is to spread her culture through her clothing, and this show does a great job of doing just that.

As the Sanja V Designs show opens we see the quote “Catch the colors and stay free.” The looks in this spring/summer 2021 collection are covered in animal prints and bright colors, representing this theme of freedom perfectly. Their IDFW video was filmed in different scenes of nature while the models danced around to show humans embracing their animal sides in Sanja V Designs.

The Slovenian brand’s mission is to have people wear their dreams. The bohemian collection gets people out of their comfort zone and opens a different side of themselves; a side that is strong and confident. Between the zebra and cheetah prints, and the bright reds and yellows, the Sanja V Designs SS21 is a daring collection that has viewers and consumers ready to “catch the colors and stay free.”

Dana Ashimova’s spring collection takes a modern take on Kazakhstan wear. There are traditional headdresses and coats paired with modern silhouettes. Whether you are looking for a long gown, or pants and sweater combination, Ashimova designed pieces that are made for every woman in Kazakhstan. Simple items become elevated with the bright colors that are used, and the embroidery and jewels on the clothing.

In Rabat, Morocco, Naggah filmed their Fall/Winter 2020 collection for IDFW. They wanted to use their video to showcase their beautiful city. The collection captures day-to-night looks seamlessly. It starts with sophisticated jumpsuits, skirts, and pants during the day, and then goes on to show dresses with bead appliques as the models walk around the city at night. Naggah did an amazing job at showing the influence of Rabat on their AW20 show and making a range of looks that work for anyone’s lifestyle.

Be sure to watch the full videos for each of these brands on the FNL network to fully experience the culture and beauty of DellenKilten of Helsingland, Jelena Malesevic, Gulnara Kassym, Weiling Chang, ChapanSar, Saja V Designs, Dana Ashimova, and Naggah.
International Digital Fashion Week has allowed designers from all over the world to show off their latest collections in one place which has led fashion lovers everywhere to discover new brands and designs. International Digital Fashion Week, along with the talented designers involved, has changed the game for fashion and will continue to be a key part of showing the latest collections.
The second season of International Digital Fashion Week is planned to premiere on February 25, 2021. If you are a designer and interested in showing with International Digital Fashion Week, please email [email protected].

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