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Idfw Designers Feature #4


International Digital Fashion Week on FNL Network features hundreds of designers from all around the world. There is something for everyone on IDFW; from elegant evening gowns to edgy streetwear, from maxidresses to minidresses, and from traditional clothing to modern clothing. Today I will be discussing Romanova Rulsana, Dina Sayfi, Bimpe Bata Footwear, Aliya Sagdi, Pitnapat, Selma Moreno Design, Adolfo Sanchez, Qi Zhou, Thalassa Beachwear, Atelier Raushan, IG Moda by Irina Gorbman. Continue reading to learn about the range of talented designers that are featured on the FNL Network.

The “Romanova Woman” is shown as someone who is simple, yet elegant. Romanova Ruslana showcased their spring/summer 2021 collection on IDFW and featured pieces such as silk slips and white button-ups. Filmed by the beach, the video on FNL Network paints the picture that these women are carefree souls. Accessories are used to make a statement, while the actual clothing is laid-back. The juxtaposition of the jewels and the fabrics creates a gorgeous collection. Every woman is going to want to be the “Romanova Woman” come next spring.

Dina Sayfi is a designer from Uzbekistan. Her exclusive collection at IDFW gave us one-of-a-kind pieces made from Italian leather and vintage silk. What I enjoyed most about the collection was the movement. Maxi dresses and wide legs pants were made from the previously mentioned vintage silk which allows for mobility in the clothing. This was made clear to the viewers as the models twirled and danced around. Dina Sayfi created looks that are artistic, comfortable, and stylish.

In 2017, the American footwear brand Bimpe Bata Footwear was launched. Inspired by watching an African cobbler repairing shoes, the brand is completely handmade in Lagos, Nigeria. Their spring/summer 2021 collection features both shoes and bags and focuses on sensibility. The theme for SS21 is “Shoes are made for walking.” This entails a number of different sneakers that are comfortable enough to take you anywhere and everywhere. The bags include a fanny pack and a chest bag, making it easy to access your things while keeping your hands free. The Bimpe Bata Footwear SS21 collection is effortlessly stylish while leaving consumers prepared for their on-the-go lifestyles.

From Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan, Aliya Sagdi drew inspiration from her ancestors’ clothing and made them modern for her IDFW video. Traditional chaplains (coats) and Kazakhstan headdresses were the highlights of the collection. Throughout there is a theme of ballet. Models are shown dancing in point shoes wearing beautiful dresses that are intricately decorated with lace and beads to make delicate, beautiful pieces. The embroidered chaplains are then layered over the dresses creating the perfect balance between new and old.

Pitnapat’s “The New Normal Collection” is a streetwear-inspired collection that features masks that match the clothing. Masks are 2020’s trendiest accessory, and creating masks that perfectly match the outfits you’ve designed is a brilliant idea.

Rather than making bold looks by using bright colors, Pitnapat made the black and white looks stand out by mixing loud prints. The collection features animal prints, chevrons, and newspaper prints, sometimes including all of them in one look. The blazers with the canvas belts, along with the mock neck shirts emulate the classic street style. Pitnapat perfectly executed “the new normal.”

Selma Moreno Design is a Bolivian brand focusing on women’s empowerment through fashion. Their video for IDFW, titled “Journey To The Treasure Of Our Roots,” was used to tell a story about the cultural significance of fashion. Each step of the design process was carefully thought out to have a deeper meaning. The process of making the jewelry shows the evolution of women. The fabrics chosen represent the ancestors of the Bolivian communities. “Journey To The Treasure Of Our Roots” is a truly special collection that shines a light on the indigenous communities in Bolivia and uplifts women through design.

The mission of Adolfo Sanchez is to “take you on a journey to a world of freedom where women dare to be strong and different.” Sanchez designs gowns that stand out from the crowd. He utilizes feathers, beads, high slits, and dramatic sleeves to attract the daring woman. One of my favorite parts about this collection is how the top and bottom halves of the dresses play off of each other. The bottom halves are left simple with light layers of silk, and the top halves create drama. While watching this show you forget about the world around you and are taken to a place where anything is possible; where you are strong and different. Adolfo Sanchez succeeded in his mission.

“Beauty Overflowing” is the theme for Qi Zhou’s spring/summer 21 collection. She wanted to create something that gave the audience hope during these dark times and remind people that there is a bright future. She uses colorful fabrics to convey this message. The collection includes florals, embroidered peacock feathers on one of the dresses, earth tones, and airy fabrics. All of these things bring us, as viewers, back to nature. The collection shows us that we aren’t trapped in such a horrible time and that there is so much beauty out there in the world.

Thalassa Beachwear is a fashion-forward swimwear brand from Trinidad and Tobago. The theme for their 2021 beachwear collection was “The Rhythm of the Tropics.” The collection features prints of tropical leaves and bright colors. In terms of silhouette, there is something for everyone. Thalassa Beachwear does a great job of creating a range of pieces including long-sleeve bikini tops, one-pieces, balconette bikinis, and more. They have recently started using recycled fabric for their designs, making the pieces covered in leaf prints feel even more connected to nature. Thalassa Beachwear is a fun, unique, and sustainable swimwear line.

Atelier Raushan created a mix of classic and edgy pieces for their collection on IDFW. The collection starts out with simple yet stylish monochromatic suits, sweater dresses, and simple coats, and then transitions into looks featuring deep reds, hi-lo silhouettes, and shimmering coats. This collection is great for the individual looking for day-to-night looks, or someone who is frequently looking to switch up their style. I love the versatility that Atelier Raushan created with this collection.

New York City brand IG Moda by Irina Gorbman creates athleisure that is wearable art. In the show, the models walk down the runway and pose with picture frames to showcase the clothing being art. The leggings are a mixture of bright colors, similar to abstract art. The sports bras/tops are created in matching fabrics to the leggings, as well as simple colors so they can easily be mixed and matched. IG Moda by IrinaGorbman makes exercising fashionable and artistic.

Although the past year has been difficult for all, it is so special that designers from every corner of the world get to come together to show the world their art in one place. Viewers get to learn about new designers and styles and appreciate fashion that they didn’t know existed before. If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of fashion, be sure to watch IDFW on FNL Network.
International Digital Fashion Week has allowed designers from all over the world to show off their latest collections in one place which has led fashion lovers everywhere to discover new brands and designs. International Digital Fashion Week, along with the talented designers involved, has changed the game for fashion and will continue to be a key part of showing the latest collections.

The second season of International Digital Fashion Week is planned to premiere on February 25, 2021. If you are a designer and interested in showing with International Digital Fashion Week, please email [email protected].
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