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Imperial Legacy: The Legacy To Follow By: Bethany Robertson

Easily one of the most stylish brands, Imperial Legacy continues to amaze audiences. With bold prints and stunning colors, Imperial Legacy brings joy and strength to everyone who wears their apparel. Owned by an amazing brother/sister duo, Imperial Legacy has a wonderful story to tell. Designer KobrioMarcus and business manager Faith Smith sat down with us in an interview to discuss Imperial Legacy’s journey as a brand.

Q: Tell us about your brand. What is the story behind your brand?

A: Imperial Legacy is a combination of life and art. We want to convey the world in our pieces. Each design we create is art in itself and expresses us. The art behind our pieces originates from pop culture, history, Mental Health, and life. We bring these concepts together in order to create our own interpretation of the world. We have been creating since we were young children in a family where art and fashion were always upheld as something to be proud of. As the eldest child I wanted to do something not just for myself but for my family to build which is what began our voyage. Imperial Legacy is a product of both my sister and I as well as our family. Legacies are built by defining our worth and stabilizing our goals into fruitful pursuits. The destiny is to be Imperial and to rule our paths and to strive for greatness. We strive to empower those around us by offering opportunities and inspiration.

Q: What do you like most about being a designer? What are some of your favorite achievements?

A: I enjoy the freedom to create from the world around me. It’s my escape. My quiet place. As well as a platform to inspire and motivate. Some of my favorite achievements would be showcasing our collection for the first time in NYFW.

Q: Tell us about your new collection. What inspired this collection?

A: Our newest collection is based on an evolution of us as a brand. It’s a collective of 10 years behind the theme of Interstellar, we incorporated some classic designs and reinvented our very first graphic into various patterns for the collection. The designs are centered around the universe and longevity. This collection is an expression of galaxies, earth, and worlds now and to come. This is our vision of beyond.

Q: On October 5th, 2022, your video of your new collection premiered on International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW). What do you hope viewers take away from watching your video?

A: For our fans, we want them to embrace the fun, loving, and intricate world of Imperial Legacy and for the newcomers, we hope to make them fans. Our video is a quick peek into the unknown universe as we highlight a few new selections entering into our ever-growing catalog.

Q: What is your favorite part about participating in IDFW?

A: It’s a brand new experience for us and it was a lot of fun embarking on a brand new adventure making a video for their platform. It’s also a huge opportunity to expand our audience, we hope to be able to participate again in the future.

Q: Where can our readers find more information about your brand and see more of your work?

A: We can be found on all social media platforms under iL_Clothing and/or Imperial Legacy Clothing as well as our website and on the CFDA official website.

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