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“ Infinito Village International “ International Social Network

In two episodes, the short but intense story of INFINITO Village International, a successful social Network in continuous expansion and constant growth

1st part
INFINITO Village International… fantasy, creativity, imagination, and … cooperation !! The intended goal was to offer new opportunities for communication, visibility, and of comparison, through the creation of an extraordinary international showcase available of new and less new generations of fashion designers, artists and of artisans, within which to be able freely to express their own dreams, own ideas, own talent, and own creations.

The soul and mind of INFINITO Village International is the Italian entrepreneur, Capt. Silvano Scavella who, with this precise will, in May 2019 has created, both the INFINITO Village International project and the homonymous International Social Network.

Since that date, INFINITO Village International has constantly developed its structure and its programs, keeping constant its mission of discovery and support of new talents, of incubator of projects and creative ideas, becoming the media reference for stylists, designers, and artists who find a precious launching pad in this Network, offering everyone the free opportunity to make themselves known and appreciated within the panorama of the global fashion system.

INFINITO Village International, is a Network created also, to enhance and support the new generation of emerging creatives at a time when few believe in talent, by offering them the precious visibility they need to start projects and establish connections with potential recruiters, buyers, and media. Developing and implementing new projects for us also means experimenting with new approaches and exploring new frontiers of intervention.

INFINITO Village International is a reference point for emerging fashion in all its forms that is promoted and supported with the aim of connecting creativity, production, marketing, and consumer awareness, through the free presentation of sustainable products ranging from raw materials. to the finished garment.

INFINITO Village International proposes itself as a crossroads of meetings, exchanges, and contacts through international events, acting as a link between supply and demand, manufacturing companies, international buyers, journalists, and sector magazines. The initiatives and projects promoted and supported by INFINITO Village International in turn activate a dense network of collaborations with other Bodies, Institutions, and public and private bodies all over the world.

INFINITO Village International firmly believes in a collaborative approach to embody strength in unity. This is why we want to focus on a new vision of progress centered on the sharing of economic, social, and environmental sustainability objectives and cooperation between peoples because, in an increasingly interconnected economic system, the path of collaboration allows us to obtain results higher than the sum of the set-off.

INFINITO Village International tells most of the events, international fashion weeks, exhibitions, characters, festivals open to the public, trends, and innovations produced by the international fashion system.

INFINITO Village International also strives to connect artisans (even the most marginalized) of the world, with the best talents in the international fashion industry, to offer mutual benefits. For fashion brands, it’s a real opportunity to access unique craftsmanship skills and authentic handmade products. For artisans, the connection allows them to access a market that values their skills and products by offering an opportunity to earn a living with their coveted skills. The international mobility of people reveals new opportunities for
the enhancement of skills and the support of medium-small enterprises (including transnational ones), with a high value of excellence and sustainability. This is why we want to support every small-sized entrepreneur, promoting the launch of new ideas, new projects, new creations, and new products, and sharing business challenges that have a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

INFINITO Village International, also wants to be a point of reference for national and international Institutions, a media support for small-medium enterprises of the fashion supply chain in the challenges of innovation and internationalization, helping to improve the training paths of many young people’s talents and creating the skills necessary to face the challenges of the “Industrial Revolution” ……… end 1st part!

With my kind regards
Capt. Silvano Scavella


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