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International Digital Fashion Week Designers – Volume 2

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1. After having been involved in the design and manufacturing of handbags and shoes for nearly 30 years. Fion Poon Brand started in 2010. This brand gave me independence and the choice to explore and expand my creativity.

2. Nature, imagination, and passion inspire all my creations. They give me color, patterns, form, and structure in all my work. From creativity comes solutions and products.

3. The role of social media is now not just for promoting trends, concepts, and designs today. Their roles are changing to help bring awareness on responsibilities, environment, accountability, sustainability, and management of resources for manufacturing, production, and designs.


I am Min Thu Ryein @John. I am a Founder of Min Thu Ryein Mode Et Design based in Yangon, Myanmar since 2013. My customized gala dresses are published in events and in fashion magazines. Most of my creations are traditional wedding dresses.

This collection is inspired by and based on flora. Made up of all textures and
embroidery like flora and vines. Also, fora are not expensive, but it feels luxurious and sometimes like a royal. The materials in my collection are not expensive but feel like luxury and royal.

In the fashion industry, social media platforms can be used to interact with the consumer, as a means of networking with others in the industry, and as a way of building an online presence.


Elxie Atelier formed from my nickname, Elxie which was used ever since I was young; from my artworks displayed at school exhibitions. Elxie has been the name that is showing my particular taste in art and designs with the distinctive manipulation of fabric. The main purpose of launching the brand with my nickname is that I want to show my creations that have been developed day and night in my little studio to the public. So that they can also recognize my typical sense of fabric and print details which are mainly focused on my mood. My logo also expresses the unique feature that will be displayed in my future collections.

The collection ‘Suit Up’ is inspired by the late dandyism that was famous among American men in the 1920s. Rather than focusing on menswear, I want to change to womenswear that has an androgynous vibe. Overall, the collection expresses the strong sense of women who can even emphasize themselves in men-inspired outfits. Some parts of the garments feature the details from the 3-piece suit such as ruffs, lapels, and so on. Since the collection has a darker vibe, I want to brighten them with colorful prints. The inspiration of the print is similar to the concept of the outfits, showing different sides of human emotions.

As fashion can be said as a career that describes one’s creation, social media is also a method to make outfits develop through hard work to reach the public. By using social media, the designers who have just entered the fashion industry and the other designers who have been in this career for a long time can change the trends day by day with their newly launched artworks and garments. Social media is also essential for young adults who have an interest in fashion design to learn the topics from well-known designers easily. Lastly, social media is a connection between fashion and the public for every purpose.



Black Velvet is a Women’s clothing brand that is trendy but practical, basic, and easy to style!
There is a whole new generation of women today, and they are empowered and hard-working. We cater to women with confidence, poise, beauty, and voice!

We live in a time where we use social media as a tool to connect with other people.
As an artist, it helps us greatly, because we get to show and share our talent by posting our projects, shows, and new collections!


Tell me a bit about your brand.

DAVE OCAMPO Fashion started 10 years ago, he studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of the Phillippines (FIP). He started his career as Men’s Wear Designer and eventually into Women’s clothing. He also created a brand ZINNIA by Dave Ocampo specialized in Resort Wear for both male and female clients/models. He loves playing with colors in his collections. His brand loves dressing up people in all shapes and sizes. Fashion is for everyone!!


INDIGEN-HUES the colors and Patterns of FILIPINO Identity. Dave Ocampo’s collection celebrates the vast culture of Filipino indigenous identity through a display of various colors and patterns found in the age-old artistry of native fabrics from the 3 island groups of the PHILIPPINES. It is a burst of culture and the collective consciousness of being Filipino. For this collection, I was inspired by the Weaving industry of our country, the PHILIPPINES!


At this time of the pandemic, SOCIAL MEDIA is very important in our industry FASHION why? Because now people can see the latest trend in fashion, what’s new? what’s hot? And, show the latest collections of designers and brands to the DIGITAL PLATFORM in a way our industry can be relevant even if we are suffering from the challenges we are facing right now!


My label is Edwin Uy House of Couture. We specialize in formal wear for men and women. This includes wedding gowns, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, suits, men’s polo, and pants. We are also known for making pageant evening gowns and national costumes.

My collection is about the use of Philippine indigenous fabrics as accents in making modern evening gowns and cocktail dresses. It actually features the three main regions of the Philippines. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The first group of my collection uses a fabric weaved by the Igorots from the Northern part of Luzon. The second group of my collection uses the handwoven fabric of the Mangyan from the Mindoro region. The last group of my collection uses the hand-woven fabric of the Yakan tribe from Mindanao. That is why the title of my collection is LuzViMinda.

I believe that social media plays a major role today in the fashion industry as people nowadays use social media in gathering information including the latest trend in fashion. Even designers use social media for forecasting fashion. Finally, designers showcase their collections nowadays using social media which is less expensive than launching fashion shows. Using social as a tool helps reach more people to see your creations, as a designer.


Tell me a bit about your brand.

Since its inception, I have envisioned the Erjohn Dela Serna House of Design brand as one which focuses on fashion pieces. That is primarily wearable. Not just for special occasions but also for everyday wear. All while being edgy and incorporating the ingenuity of Filipinos with regard to textiles.

As you will see in most of the pieces in my collections, we use indigenous woven fabrics such as Igorot Weaves from Cordillera, and the T’nalak from South Cotabato. The Inab’l of Ilocos and the Hablon of Iloilo; each fabric represents the skills and the culture of the people from which these fabrics originate. The same features of the Filipino people that we want to introduce not just in the present-day society but to the world.

What’s the story behind this collection? What inspired it?

I am always fond of making fitted gowns and dresses. Especially evening gowns are worn by celebrities during the Met Gala and the Academy Awards in Hollywood every year. I have also wanted to take the challenge of how I can stretch the possibilities for the local textiles further, so I have decided to incorporate both concepts together.

The product is a couture collection of gowns made in the Erjohn Dela Serna way. However, instead of the usual indigenous weaves to be used for the collection, I have decided to highlight the handmade pleats which Iloilo is also known for. Each piece was carefully constructed to seamlessly incorporate the local elements of pleats, tassels, and fur while keeping the Hollywood gala vibe.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

Social media has given us a lot of mileage and exposure for us in the fashion industry over the past few years. Now, with COVID-19, more and more people have learned that fashion can still push through, because of social media. Veering from traditional fashion shows, social media has added the element of accessibility to the equation in fashion. Since people now have access to different social media platforms, we can communicate to a wider audience compared to before. For example, social media has opened doors of opportunities for me since most of my clients now are products of my works that are being tagged on various platforms. Though that, we now have the Erjohn Dela Serna House of Design.


HAYDEN collections are confident in their crafts. Each model is a special creation, the result of handcrafted ability mixed with innovation.

HAYDEN collections distinguished themselves featuring products destined for a selected clientele of refined women, eager for fashion trends, but able to wear them with confidence and originality.

Elegance, femininity, and luxury are the key traits of the HAYDEN style. HAYDEN is a reference through a unique mix of creativity and exquisite craftsmanship.

HAYDEN pieces are meant to last beyond a season, being conceived as a precious piece of jewelry; able to survive beyond a fashion trend.

HAYDEN goes beyond the limits of a collection, being contemporary and fashionable, simultaneously forward.

BRIDGING THE SEASONS BY HAYDEN NG is about bringing the two seasons of AW and SS together as the global climate goes through a radical change. Here in Asia, we do not have AW but only Summer throughout. AW, elements in the aspects of colors and details are used as highlights.
The muse and inspiration for HAYDEN collections in Singapore City and her people are individualistic and decidedly feminine with a modern simple approach to luxury (affordability and availability).
As social media becomes a primary source of information, businesses have to change their marketing strategies. The fashion industry in particular has changed dramatically due to social media, and savvy business owners utilize social media to grow their businesses.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram allow users to share things they love with their friends. Fashion businesses have gotten in on the action by creating fan pages and Instagram accounts that encourage users to share opinions, ask for fashion advice or simply share links.

The Internet and social media have also opened up new avenues for more traditional advertising. Fashion businesses have taken advantage of this; by targeting demographic groups that are likely to wear their offerings. Google, for example, allows businesses to use keywords to target ads to users searching for related terms. Facebook permits advertisers to target members of certain demographics with ads, and targeted advertisements that use cookies to track a user’s Internet usage and then provide ads related to it are increasingly common. Rather than simply marketing clothing, fashion designers can market individual items. By using targeted ads, a designer might target users looking for a red dress, yellow shoes, or an outfit to wear to a wedding.

Social media has opened access to new potential buyers, expanded access to information about fashion, and provided numerous new outlets. For advertising and buying trends. Also shifting to show major influences from social media sites. It’s a brave new world for the fashion industry and retailers.

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