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International Digital Fashion Week Designers – Volume 4

IDFW is the first and only international digital fashion week that showcases fashion designers from all over the globe and that airs exclusively on FNL Network for FREE. Just click here to install FNL Network for free. As the first and only TV network to create a digitally broadcasted global Fashion Week, IDFW is the biggest fashion week ever showcased to date and is accessible everywhere around the world on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Android devices, all iOS devices and even your Mac computer from your app store all for FREE. Yogofi by TravelWifi is the official telecommunications partner of International Digital Fashion Week, they offer mobile Wi-Fi for global business and leisure travel with network coverage of 140+ countries check them out here


Tell me a bit about your brand.
Dayana León is a brand that step by step has been escalating in the world of fashion in Latin America and the rest of the world. We are based in Caracas, Venezuela, where our atelier reopened its doors to the public at the end of 2020, with a new and fresh image, offering a personalized experience for each client that walks into our store. We, as a brand, are always seeking professionals of different disciplines inside the creative field, such as illustrators, makeup artists, other colleagues, and fashion designers to create new spaces of creativity and share these experiences with our selected public, trying to keep all of our collections fresh and trying to set trends in our city and project this vibe out of our frontiers.

What’s the story behind this collection? What inspired it?
Creativity is the keyword that could define this collection. New accessories, Venezuelan artists that showed all of their talents and were integrated into our designs, a total synergy came up after all of this. The continuous efforts and resources that every member of the team put into this were vital, and the result is clear evidence of that. “Rise and Fall” is, by far, one of our most valuable and important collections. Every detail was a priority, everything had to be perfect. We are very proud and happy with the result.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?
The role of social media, especially in this day and age is extremely vital for the fashion world. There’s no other versatile and immediate way to reach thousands of people and let them know who we are and what we want to share. A whole new world full of different ways to express ourselves and show our pieces of art. One example is this virtual fashion show. They allowed us to explore the audiovisual field and we had so much fun during this journey. We have to embrace with passion all of these new tools and technologies that social networks put at our disposal. 2021 and beyond will be a new fashion world.


Tell me a bit about your brand.
Lila Nikole Collection is a brand that promises to provide fresh, funky, styles constantly evolving and growing into your favorite swimwear brand. We use elements from everyday life; like music, love, travels, and life experiences when designing our collection. Each design is infused with heart and designed to keep all of our beloved consumers in mind! We appreciate the love and support from all of you who chose us as your go-to lifestyle brand.

What’s the story behind this collection? What inspired it?
This collection is bold and bright, fun and outgoing. We needed some ‘feel good’ classic pieces that are timeless. Our inspiration for this collection was women from all different backgrounds, locations, and ethnicities. We wanted to create suits that are available to multiple body shapes to make women feel good and glamorous.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?
Social media is the voice and an easy way to communicate with people lately. I think it plays a huge part in engaging with current and future customers. We love our social media babies and stay on top of providing fresh content to keep them engaged and coming back.


My customers enjoy wearing flattering but not revealing clothing. They like trendy, casual, business looks and want to feel comfortable.

Coco goes wild at the house party. She wants to dress up but still look casual and feel comfortable. The materials are a wet look /liquidity. Shiny, stretchy latex imitation, murky wool plaid jacket with shiny latex imitation. In addition to voluminous dresses made by pleating in a silk georgette.

Social media has become a way to validate a brand’s popularity.


At Tanoti, we focus on evolving the creations which arise from our handlooms. Our weavers are masters of the complex traditional weaving techniques of Malaysia, producing opulent brocaded fabric known as songket. Over time, they undertake an innovation in the atelier of Tanoti House, introducing new and unique elements to their weaving projects.

The weaves produced using leather are the new material, a renaissance of the old. The weaver manipulates the characteristics of the leather to produce a fabric that has the capability to deliver dimension, form, structure, fluidity, and pattern.
Tanoti Leatherweaves: the material which is fashion on its own.
Tanoti was born of a community of weavers accomplished in the art of songket weaving, producing opulent traditional brocades of the Malay world. Trained by a foundation established by the former Queen of Malaysia, the team transitioned from public research workshop to a private atelier in 2012, with a firm resolve to preserve this dying heritage and sustain the craft. The transition demanded innovation, and our weavers turned their hands to new designs and products, from fashion to furnishings, but always maintained traditional techniques on original looms to produce fabrics of the highest quality.
Social media can function to both enhance as well as destroy a brand. It is a largely unregulated platform that allows all types of communications to be conducted, and hence management of social media needs to be both strategic and dynamic to be able to convey the brand to the public.


WYNKA officially debuted its first collection (resort wear) in 2018 September at the Sarawak Museum. Catching the eye of countless socialites, designers, and influencers; making a significant mark in the fashion-beauty community across Malaysia. WYNKA thrives on quality and bespoke opulence, their creation is meticulous in design and attentive in detail. Prior to their debut, WYNKA hit the runway with their exclusive collection of couture ready-to-wear pieces at the Borneo Fashion Week 2018. Their outstanding pieces catapulted them into the spotlight through the overwhelming coverage of media and press.

This collection continues to explore that concept while looking to the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna as a celebration of diversity, culture, and history, all situated under one roof. WYNKA reimagines the Palace as a collection that seeks to balance the notion of minimalism and maximalism. With each collection, WYNKA becomes more extravagant than the one before with bold prints, eclectic textures, and details that sacralize various forms of diversity. Without losing the romanticism of feminine elegance, WYNKA creates bold dressing for a bolder way of living. “Fashion has the ability to evoke courage and boldness,” said Karen. “The way we dress is a reflection of how we feel, and I want to empower women by first empowering their choices.”

WYNKA’s latest collection offers a wide range of color and elegance with a play on textures and silhouettes, including the brand’s signature puffed sleeves and an assortment of romantic influences. From silk chiffon to knit sweaters and floor-length gowns, this collection promises something for everyone – and WYNKA never fails to surprise.

In unprecedented times such as these, many, if not all retailers have moved online. So we’ve seen a large movement of digital online fashion influencers as well as emerging trendsetters from our phone screens. Social media has leveled the platform and given all brands an equal opportunity to showcase their brands as well as build an increasing online presence. We get to interact directly with our users in real time, get feedback, and constantly experiment. It’s such a valuable tool and definitely the way to go forward.


Inspired by the beauty of traditional handicrafts, Hesandra Indonesia was founded in 2008. Representing the glamour and tradition, made in east Kalimantan craftsmanship. Hesandra Indonesia, designs and produces women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, handbags, accessories, and other timeless lifestyle items. Made of batik, weaving, and embroidery fabrics. Hesandra Indonesia is committed to creating fashion with love, care, and attention to detail.

Inspired by the blue ocean. The clarity is mesmerizing. But you never know the depth and the life inside it, until you dive in and fall in love with everything in it. So is the beauty of Borneo and its cultural heritage. Once you dig deep into it, it reveals its endless true beauty you never want to let go. Inspired by the depth of the blue ocean.

Role model:
Biyan (Indonesia)
Sapto Djojo Kartiko (Indonesia)
Yohji Yamamoto (Japan)
Kenzo (Japan)
Chanel (Prancis)


The ОK’SUNRISE brand was created for the Trisomy 21 children; and for the people who back families with such children up. The outline frames of this brand are constructively adapted for the specific physiological makers of the adults and kids with Trisomy 21. So that the clothes fit well and look tidy. The subjects of the brand are solar patterns and the figure of the sun and sunny bright colors. It is fitting that the Trisomy people are often called “sunny people.” They are very positive and friendly. I like colors because my creations are connected with painting. I use textile paintings, felt cloth, pastels, and watercolors. I mainly paint landscapes, flowers, and people sometimes.

When my daughter, Polina with Trisomy 21 was born in 2013, I turned to the special needs people. I began to think about her future. How she would live, what she would be fond of; what she would engage with, and what she would look like. It’s very important that society would take people with such a diagnosis optimistically and accept their peculiarities. Such people like my daughter should have a productive life and their own self-actualization. That’s why I hope my brand will help them look great!

The “Mosaic” collection was created with the financial and technical support of the Irkutsk region noncommercial association of the parents who had children with special needs “Raduga”. This association is for the same parents of the trisomy 21 children as I am. The idea of the “Mosaic” collection is to use the irregular non-constructive cutout garment and the mosaic cloth matching in the patchwork technique. Mosaic resembles parts of the complicated nature of the Trisomy 21 people. Their actions are often hard to understand for people with a neurotypical development. However, it doesn’t mean that special needs people are deprived of their inner beautiful nature. Just like us, they can show their view of life that differs from ours sometimes. “Mosaic” collection is an attempt to show the specific art and specific world, that doesn’t match the habitual and customary standards.

The second peculiarity of all costumes in this collection is its multilayer design. Each costume has two to four things. Firstly, this multilayer approach is defined by our region – Siberia. It’s cold most of the time. Secondly, the multilayer approach lets us combine things in different ways. By creating different costume sets. For example, you can wear just a blouse and a petticoat. Or you can add a sarafan and take the petticoat away.

I chose only natural clothes for the collection. Which are: cotton, flaxen linen, batiste, denim, and tapestry. These clothes combine nicely with each other. They have beautiful textures and a wide range of colors to embody designs. The collection has costumes for boys and girls, teenagers, and for adults. Some models are braver and more creative and have a complicated design. The others are more commercial and simpler in tailoring. I tried to show a variety of designs for the main subject.

Social media is of great importance to the fashion industry. It allows people to reach a large audience and enable designers to change their art experience. It’s very important for a modern designer not to create in isolation. But to define actual trends and work with projects that would be highly sought after; easily sold and would reflect the individual designer’s style. The speed information spreads is so high today. Social media is a real way to prompt information exchange. The iPhone is an integral part of our everyday life. We receive information from it, order goods, and food, listen to music, watch films on gadgets and so much more. The fashion styles we see on our phone screens, involuntarily dictate a certain lifestyle, rhythm, and flair. It broadens our view of the world significantly, making it third-dimensional and connecting all world points with an invisible string.


Pungu Borneo is a Kuching-based social enterprise and accessory label that focuses on the ethnic handicrafts of the indigenous communities of Sarawak. Earrings, necklaces of varying lengths, and even prayer beads form a major part of what the brand stands for and presents. Our direction is to express and develop a unique interpretation of traditional designs while creating awareness. By generating interest in Bidayuh culture, which was at risk of being forgotten.
Our focus is to ensure that we adhere to at least five United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
(*Kuching is a City in Malaysia)

This collection is titled Rebirth. It is a story based on passing traditional and cultural knowledge on to the newer/younger generation through inheritance. So that the practice and knowledge will never be forgotten. The inspiration behind this collection is based on the personal story of how I, Lucille, became a traditional jewelry designer. Beautiful pieces of jewelry in exquisite traditional designs were handed down from our forefathers to various members of my own family. From this, born the desire to create and continue doing jewelry in our traditional cultural designs. This collection also focuses on contemporary accessories with a strong reflection on designs exclusive to the indigenous communities in Borneo. The Rebirth collection is made from sustainable resources such as woven rattan beads and job tears seeds. Wild jungle seeds, handmade ceramics, and natural stones were also included. All of the material is planted, harvested, and cured in traditional ways by our beneficiaries. Our aim is to create more awareness of the SDG’s impact on the fashion industry.

As a trendsetter and one who creates awareness in various forms, social media is the best platform to help market and promote brands. Especially, independent and rising brands, like ours.


SAJAS is the first Saudi luxury brand that includes; womenswear, jewelry, and bags. The bags are made in Italy, out of leather, and genuine. Just like the jewelry is made of gold and silver. Precious gems are used from all over the world.

The Bisht collection was inspired by our inherited traditional costumes, culture, originality, and heritage. The royal bisht is considered one of the most famous handicrafts in Al-Ahsa Oasis, located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It is considered one of the most important industries for thousands of years.

The Bisht is considered one of the royal costumes, especially for men on official occasions. Nowadays elegant women wear the bisht as a basic piece instead of an abaya with feminine colors and royal embroidery, that reflects the authentic Arab identity.
Social Media today plays a major and important role in the fashion industry and is considered as a special platform for fashion and branding. Today, fashion is calmer with different numbers of influences and events from different parts of the world. That helps to communicate with people, all over the world. Also, the fashion industry regarding advertising and branding, opens doors for more people to engage in business relationships with brands. Marketing and PR help to strategize for fashion brands.


DAIR design is a couture-inspired high-end clothing line with a casual, smart touch for men and women; founded by Odair Pereira. This brand is inspired by men and women, their life experiences,s, and individual personality. DAIR design is a couture-inspired high-end clothing line with casual detail, for both men and women. DAIR design distinguishes itself by offering different sizes, silhouettes, and material combinations. The DAIR collection fits it all! Odair and the team are also specialized in styling. Odair creates crossovers between the various styles and trends, translating this to the customer’s wishes.

In the world of DAIR design, everyone is equal and beautiful. From being tall, short, full, or slim figured. The goal is to bring out the inner beauty and translate it into the style of the person in question. DAIR design stands for creating an experience by combining fashion with movement, poetry, art, and entertainment. Odair wants you to feel and be a SUPERSTAR! STRONG/ UNIQUE/ POWERFUL/ EFFORTLESS/ RESPONSIBLE/ SEXY/ TIMELESS/ APPROACHABLE and REAL!

DAIR recently showed its collection at New York, Paris, and Los Angeles fashion week. Also, his brand has been RECOGNIZED IN NEW YORK WITH THE AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING FASHION DESIGNER.
The DAIR collection fits it all!

DAIR has launched its new ready-to-wear line called “DAIR ready to wear” (#DAIRrtw). Which is a casual smart line with a couture touch in all clothing. I created this clothing line for men and women who love fashion, work hard, and also like to enjoy life. With the “Ready To Wear” collection, I wanted to make people part of the design. I want people to experience the freedom to rock clothing designs in a way that fits their personality the best. This is also a big reason why I made every item multifunctional and wearable. My clients are often telling me that they think I am a very lucky guy; who happens to be a fashion designer and that I am able to make any clothing I like to wear any time of the day. This all is absolutely true and for this reason, I wanted people to have that same freedom as I experience. I have created clothing you can wear in everyday life. To stand out in different ways and be limitless with making your own rules. This collection is created for you, me, him, and her principal. This RTW collection is not only beautiful, stylish, and cool but is also very suitable for many occasions. My goal is to create timeless pieces, which give you a feeling of being your own SUPERSTAR, and are appropriate for every season!

Social media makes it possible to tell your story. Back then, fashion houses used to be a mystery, now you get to see it all. The workspace and the designer. One will get to know more about the brand and story. Social media also makes it possible for people who are not your friends, family, or network to see your work. Social media creates a platform. With the rise of social media, magazines are less important. With just one click, you can see it all. I started out before social media blew up, and the difference I see with my brand is that I can produce my content in my own way and direct how the world sees it. It’s a lot of work, but on the other hand, it makes business easier. Get with us on social media and be part of my experience @DAIRdesign. #DAIRdesign.

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