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International Digital Fashion Week Designers – Volume 6

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Tell me a bit about your brand.

Today, women face many challenges in this uncertain world and Monica Jones of NanaLola Couture has made it her mission to remove some of their everyday stress. There is so much pressure on women and also men to look like what they see on tv and social media. From photo filters, editing, and surgery people across the globe suffer from their own self-image. The goal is to compete with fashion houses and show the world alike that despite your height, weight, size, shape, or race we are all individual and beautiful in our own right.

NanaLola Couture is hoping to change that, by not only designing Bespoke garments that cater to her client’s needs and wants, but she has also made it a point to include everyone in her brand presentation both in print and on the runway. She has shown fashion Runways like New York, San Francisco, London, Scotland, Paris, Amerstadam, and the International Digital Fashion Week by Fashion News Live. Showing that despite your height, weight, size, shape, or race we are all individual and beautiful in our own right.
NanaLola Couture has worked hard to spark change in the fashion industry to showcase, embrace and empower all body types on the runway. Short, tall, thin, curvy, male and female models strutted their stuff on the runway looking fabulous and setting the tone of acceptance and beauty.
The photo campaigns are designed to showcase some of the Beautiful designs by Monica Jones of NanaLola Couture. As seen in Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, London Life Magazines, and multiple others. She wants to highlight the different aspects of her collections.

The Collection is broken into 4 sections. Eva Maine, which is a nod to classic designs from the Golden Age Of Movies and Music. Dedicated to her grandmother Eva Gary, whose style and ethos inspired Monica to work to change the concept of fashion in today’s modern age. Eva believed everyone is worthy of love and a sense of self. No one is better than the other and she instilled that passion along with sewing into Monica.
The second section is Menswear, Nana Lola Black, it is designed for men who want to feel like they can stand out in a sea of ordinance. For men who want a look, the not only says I’m unique but also screams one of a kind.
The third section is for the Plus size Woman, the Athena Collection is named after the Greek Goddess Athena. Athena is a Greek Goddess associated with wisdom, handicraft, and warfare. Since the Renaissance, Athena has become an international symbol of wisdom, the arts, and classical learning. Who better to represent the plus-size woman, than a beautiful strong goddess who can do it all?
The fourth section is the Young Adult Couture Line #lilmonster which was created to encourage each individual’s own inner style and beauty.
Monica believes that without the team, (the. Models, makeup artists, photographers, and venues) she would be just a lady with a beautiful dress.
“Elevate Your Style, Elevate Your Life!”

What’s the story behind this collection?

From your first date to your first dance, I want ladies to think of NanaLola Couture. I want them to know that I have something for everyone no matter size, identity, or gender, to feel beautiful in.

Who/what inspired it?
Brides who didn’t fit the standard size ranges. Then I thought, everyone should be able to wear something that reflects their uniqueness. To feel beautiful in their own skin.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?
Social media puts undue stress on people. To look like and be acceptable. To not stand out, to not have joy in who you are. I believe that fashion is slowly changing to be more inclusive. To show more people who stand out, and who are centered on themselves. Who are more accepting of their flaws. Who are more themselves?


Tell me a bit about your brand.

Melor caters to women of all ages. Enhancing confidence and elegance in women.

What’s the story behind this collection? Who/ what inspired it?

What inspired me for this collection is what I feel and believe to be timeless articles of clothing that are essential to women. Creating clothes that make women feel confident, and elegant, while also keeping up with trendy fashions along the way and of course, implementing traditional elements into those clothing.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

I believe that in this day and age, social media indeed plays an important role in the fashion industry. Everything can be done, shared, and marketed faster and in the comfort of your own home/office. You could be watching a live fashion show thousands of miles away from you, and social media and the internet have made that possible for us.


Tell me a bit about your brand.

-I hand-make my bucket hats and customize some other items. My brand is based around the 90’s aesthetic of bucket hats with a modern/cultural twist. I like to use African prints since they have a lot of shapes and contrasting colors. I am a New York-based brand so most of my inspirations are adapted from the hip-hop culture and life that’s fast-paced. It is a unisex brand. The logo is inspired by my two favorite animals, a Lion, and a phoenix bird. Which is how I came up with the name Phoneline. These are known to be relaxed creatures but also known to attract all the attention. This is what I plan to showcase through my brand.

What’s the story behind this collection? Who/ what inspired it?

-This collection was inspired by the idea of NYC being known as the Concrete Jungle. So I switched it up and renamed it Concrete Safari, I used fabrics such as sherpa, leather, and cotton. And colors of white brown and black and stone print. I originally was going to do a transition between the Bronx Zoo going into the heart of Manhattan. But I felt that this would take away from the attention to my hats. So I decided to take it in a grassy area with buildings to represent the more spread outside of safaris and the quietness. What I was also trying to portray was the variety that you would normally see during a safari, within the colors and textures.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

-Brand ambassadors and influencers have been more mainstream that way regular people can continue showing interest in luxury brands. Especially since we are in a time where everything is limited, it gives people a chance to recreate popular posts and get recognized by celebrities. Since everything is on the other side of our cameras it’s easy to make anything fashionable. Social media is a useful tool, one post can really switch the ways people dress to stay afloat on the latest fashions. Social media also is a useful tool for startups like myself. Knowing that you’re not limited to just your environment is great knowing you can spread the word just by a simple post or word of mouth.


Tell me a bit about your brand.

My brand is me. It is a collection of who I am and what I love. As a jewelry designer, I look at the neck, wrists, hands, ears, and the entire body like an empty canvas. My passion is painting that canvas with gold and diamonds. Draping unique chains across women like Cleopatra. Stacking bracelets on each wrist to create an interesting look. I mix it up and challenge traditional gender norms by using heavy classic men’s chains and bracelets for women and dainty women’s pieces for men. I always think outside the box. My brand is also very individualized to the client. Jewelry is extremely personal and that is what I love. It speaks to everyone. I fuse the trends with timeless pieces that can be worn every day and never taken off.

What’s the story behind this collection? Who/ what inspired it?

This collection is inspired by the celebrity and fashion world. My designs are a mix of high fashion with everyday items. My vision was to create statement necklaces and pieces that could be worn to the Met Gala or down a red carpet. I love to put my own twist on the current trends and complement pieces that you don’t normally see worn together. For example, I took the popular Cuban link chain, a traditionally large and heavy chain- and gave it a different purpose by incorporating crosses and draping it across the neck in a more delicate way.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

Social media plays a huge role in the fashion industry. It’s become an integral part of how brands communicate with the world today. So many businesses have created models of selling directly to their consumers through social media. Celebrities and influencers have become vehicles to sell products by posting looks and outfits. The accessibility is unparalleled. One post can reach millions of people allowing for inspiration and discovery of new brands. There is a trickle-down effect to the normal person wanting to share their looks with their friends. It’s been such a positive tool for my business and I know it for other businesses as well.


Tell me a bit about your brand.

-JUS10H is an international brand specializing in Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s clothing. International Designer/Tailor Justin Haynes has shown his work all across the globe- 9 seasons of NYFW, LAFW, Miami Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week with a showcase held at the Eiffel Tower.
During this time, there had also been many obstacles that he had to overcome, however, it is those tough times that have made room for his gift to be seen on both large and small platforms across the world. Both his menswear, womenswear and children’s wear consist of retro-chic fashions that are tailor-made for the customers. The fusion of bright colors, distinct patterns, and elegant patchwork has allowed his brand to be both recognized and requested by some of the fashion industry’s most prominent icons.

What’s the story behind this collection? Who/ what inspired it?

I create my collection of concepts from my favorite childhood tv shows. This collection, called “THE LEAGUE” came from the homecoming episode from the TV Show “Different World” – I wanted to create looks that I felt would look great for the homecoming game. You will see my version of the varsity jacket, cheerleader uniform, and football Jersey in a dress form.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

I believe social media plays a huge part in fashion today. Without it, viewers will never see what’s created. It’s like an extended file folder to store all of your creations!


Tell me a bit about your brand.

My brand deals with wearable art, looking a little differently at the definition of a wearable garment.
‏Doubting the conventional form of creating private clothing and accessories and using conventional materials and experimental techniques to create models that are produced as a work of art and are also practically intended for wear.
‏The matter of modularity of clothing, comfort, and practice. And a raw translation of personal feelings and experiences into therapeutic clothing details.
‏Stretching the boundaries of clothing gender-wise and as a concept.

‏What’s the story behind this collection? Who/ what inspired it?

I went through some tragic stories in my life that made me deal with loss and trauma, especially an accident I had as a child and being in the military service. The experiences are translated into material that gives the option to mess with the painful things in the darkest places and touch them through the material and also to take them out and talk about them. Taking the flaws and scars and turning them into my aesthetics as part of a process of coming to terms with the past.
‏Some of the inspirations are also the matter of attitude, conveying strength through the clothes and the ability to express and play with pieces of clothing and adapt the everyday looks to specific moods and practices.

‏What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

I think social media managed to lift the underground world and the “exceptional people” to the surface and gave them legitimacy.
‏Social media has turned every person into an individual and the very possibility of creating your own virtual world gives legitimacy to the exceptional individual to stand out and be accepted into the mainstream.
‏There is much more openness today to unusual things and more kicking and prominent fashion. And that makes it possible to go far with creation and aesthetics.
‏Beyond that social media allows every person to be independent and world and full and get exposure and feedback from the environment.


Tell me about your brand.

The unique fashion of Edric Ong combines a touch of the ethnic and oriental with contemporary; innovative styles with the creative use of hand-woven silks and cotton.

Edric Ong designs his own textiles mostly hand-woven, hand-painted, or hand-printed with natural colors derived from roots, bark, leaves, and fruit peels from the rainforests. He draws his inspiration from the diverse ethnic culture of Malaysia. He is very much at the forefront of promoting the unique Iban ‘Pua Kumbu’ ikat textiles.

These creations have also won the UNESCO and World Crafts Council Award of Excellence, and are now much sought after by fashionable people internationally. The textiles were also given the prestigious Japanese “G” mark awards by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO).

Edric Ong was awarded the “Global Fashion Influencer 2016 at the Asian Fashion Awards and the “Malaysian Designer of the Year 2009” by Mercedes-Benz/Stylo.

Edric Ong continually explores new textile techniques for example direct stamping of Sarawak indigo leaves and squirrel foot ferns onto shibori silk jackets; and invents new expressions like ‘shibori kat’(shibori and ikat) and ‘batik at’ (batik and ikat).

A story about the Collection?
The Edric Ong 2021 Collection features jackets of corduroy cotton hand painted with colors that especially glow under ultraviolet light.
Collaborating with Dayak artist Abot Gudang of Sarawak, the Tree of Life motif of indigenous Orang Ulu people is combined with traditional motifs in an arabesque design that reflects an Enchanted Forest theme.

Photographed under UV light, ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ model the Collection in a sensual and enchanting mood.

What role does social media play in fashion today?
Fashion is ever-changing and evolving, and trends are being set especially through social media.
The digital age has transformed the speed at which Fashion reaches a wider global audience instantly!


My Brand is called Sassy Scraps Upcycles. My garments and accessories are pieces from potential landfills, deconstructed, then reconstructed, to create wearable works of art. Clothing has been altered in silhouette with new fabric, and reconstructed to create more movement and aesthetic interest. Jewelry has also been recreated from misfit findings and reset in leather and necessary hardware pieces to make a true artistic statement. I work from customers’ closets as well, jeans into skirts, blankets into ponchos, keys into neckpieces, to name only a few of so many possibilities, to give back to them in a Custom, New-Born Form.

I was inspired to start sewing from the time I began working with fabrics for Window Treatments that I was designing for my Interior Design Business back in 2011. Having my Interior Design Degree, I started repurposing my upholstery fabric swatches into purses and my leather swatches into making jewelry pieces, and it all evolved from there. In addition to this, my Late Mom made all of my prom dresses as well as my wedding gown, and my Grandma used to have me thread her needles for her while doing handwork on my living room couch. Textile shopping was a monthly adventure for us. I would stare at all the bolts of fabric and feel through the remnant bins in complete awe from the time I was 5 years old. It was truly destiny for me to work with fabric, no doubt. I adore it even more than ever.

The Role that Social Media plays today is undoubtedly different towards Fashion than it was Pre-Covid. On Social Media, we now see the “Comfy and the Cozy” more often, which is all about my designs. The fabric inserts I apply to the existing silhouettes create an easy fit, which people like while working from home. I just started upcycling robes, and sweatpants, and making denim slippers from jeans, which totally inspired me while being home for this past year, not going out to restaurants, theatres, and parties. People are also thinking more conveniently these days, “shopping” their own closets and redesigning misfit finds, rather than going to a mall to find a piece that a neighbor could be wearing. This is where I come in as a sustainable designer. The icing on the cake? Eco-friendly- Couture! Take pictures on your social media account wearing something that no one else has while not putting more throw-away in the landfill!


My brand Monisha Jeraldin is women’s wear that caters to women who want to feel powerful, beautiful, and confident through the clothes they wear. It’s a perfect mix of girly and edgy pieces combined into each garment.

My collection Golden Hour was inspired by the idea of how a woman can be both powerful and soft/beautiful at the same time. I used vibrant metallic golds and rich blacks to show a contrast between light and dark to represent this idea of power and beauty. This collection uses a mixture of different fabrics including smooth, silky black velvet, metallic brocades, and gorgeous sheer organzas to create a fun yet sophisticated look. Golden Hour showcases the beauty of a woman’s body and adds a touch of glamour to every woman’s closet.

Social media is a major and important part of the industry. Not only does it allow anyone to support their favorite designers but it helps designers grow their brand no matter big or small the company is. Many careers have grown to a major success because of social media and the industry wouldn’t be the same without it. Even if you aren’t able to show a collection at fashion weeks you can always show your work through social media!


Photos coming soon!
Tell me a bit about your brand
Narda’s Handwoven Arts and Crafts works with women and men in the Cordillera, Philippines to come up with hand-dyed, handwoven textiles made from local cotton, abaca, and pineapple fibers and natural dye from local plants, trees, and shrubs which we grow in our village. We also use eco-friendly dyes and imported yarn that are not produced in our country.
Narda’s was started in 1972. My mother and our founder Narda Capuyan was a nurse who worked at the Family Planning Clinic at La Trinidad, Benguet. She would encounter mothers who would go back to asking for more ways of planning their families as the usual methods were not working.
In order to keep the mothers busy, she taught these mothers to knit scarves, bonnets, etc. Eventually, she started buying the finished products that resulted from her teaching. Word got around so women weavers started to bring handwoven tapis and blankets and ask her to buy from them. This encouraged her to set up her own weaving workshop so that she will be able to continue helping out the women with their livelihood.
My mother has since passed in 2016 and I have been more involved with the organization since then as we want to continue the legacy of our mother to keep providing livelihood to the women and men and at the same time keeping our culture, tradition, and crafts alive.
Our expertise is more on textile design and production, we join fashion shows in order to reach a bigger audience and hopefully encourage fashion and interior designers to work with us.

What is the story behind this collection? Who/what inspired it?
The year 2020 was an exciting year for us as we were looking forward to attending fashion shows, trade fairs, and selling missions. But the pandemic cut all these off.
The biggest challenge was how to keep our business going so that we keep providing livelihood to the women and men we work with. We started producing face masks and this is helping us but then we also thought of keeping our fashion line alive as we were still selling attires, costumes, shawls, etc in our store. So we kept on creating new colors and trying out new designs. Then a friend told me about a fashion designer who was affected by the pandemic and needed help. So I reached out to him and we started to collaborate online. Alex Cristobal designed outfits and I worked with our dyers and weavers on the textile designs and fabrics and our sewers to come up with this collection. Part of the collection is his designs using our textiles


Description of Collection
This collection reveals several pieces of garment designs with surface embellishment through digital laser processing. The designs indicated that different fashion styles and pattern appearances could be achieved on garments made from certain kinds of materials through laser technology. It is believed that this design treatment and design process is an environmentally friendly and feasible pattern design approach that will appeal to the demands of sustainable fashion industries as well as facilitate quick responses to the market.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?
Social media is becoming a part of fashion including the website and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It created a new approach that could get both praise and criticism from the fashion community. Diverse social media can be applied to interact with the consumer. On the one hand, social media can influence the ways designers create fashion, on the other hand, the average person can influence fashion in ways never before possible.

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