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International Fashion Expo: 5th Edition Ready

After the splendid result of the February edition held in the setting of Palazzo Francesco Turati, the International Fashion Expo is already proceeding with the launch of the 5th edition in September and will see among the exhibitors already well-known faces that have exhibited in previous editions and brands that will be presenting themselves for the first time. Location and dates are confirmed: 23 and 24 September at Palazzo Francesco Turati.

At the moment, brands from Italy, Spain, and Great Britain have already booked their space.

Phoenix-Wicom Ltd, the London-based company that organizes the International Fashion Expo, in line with the project’s expansion policy and continuing on the path of penetration in the US market, has developed partnerships with Dream Fashion Channel and the Dallas Chamber of Fashion Designers. In addition, through Kico Hayashida’s agency K Style Promotion, the project has been exported to Japan, and thanks to the collaboration with Nadzeya (Nadine) Bokhan, representation in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and the UAE is active.

With companies present in countries involved in the current conflict and affected by sanctions, Phoenix-Wicom Ltd has no intention of suspending relations as fashion, being art itself, must promote peace and not sterile boycotts that do not promote economic growth for either the boycotted or the boycotters. Neither is it accepted and never will be, interference consisting of moral blackmail that only tends to damage small businesses and individuals that have nothing to do with the ongoing proxy war but tend to create deep divisions between members of the human fraternity, through racism and the ghettoization of culture, the Russian culture, that has given much to the arts. It is not by censoring Tolstoy or not listening to Tchaikovsky that we will be able to stop the war, and it is not a logical method to condemn Russia, for if it were, we would not even have to read Goethe or listen to Beethoven to condemn Nazi Germany, and yet, the Ode to Joy by the great German composer is Europe’s anthem.

There are also new additions to the staff: Dr. Alexia Brancato is confirmed as marketing director; Paolo Rebizzani and Angelo Apolito as director; Dafne Apollonio as casting director as well as coordinator of the models’ staff and Rieska Wulandari as regards relations with the Asian media. The newcomers include Alice Stucchi, who, in addition to being press officer, together with Josimar Suarez, Rebecca Colombo, and Giusy Ferrigno, will host the I.F.E. television programs.

In addition, in order to better coordinate the staff of photographers, Claudio Multari from Turin has been appointed director of photography, while Angela Stefania Casolino will coordinate backstage.

Another novelty will be the presentation and description of the collections that will be on the catwalk: this task will be entrusted to Valeria Brevigliero.

In terms of media partnerships, I.F.E. has made new agreements with various publications and publishing groups, including the Swiss MB Media Consulting, Editorial Web S.r.l., and Canale Europa. With the latter, International Fashion Expo lands on the Amazon Prime and Samsung TV Plus platforms. In addition, again with Canale Europa, new projects are being planned that will be of interest to all companies operating in the fashion business in order to gain greater visibility in all continents.

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