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International Fashion Week
“Season 5” Dubai

Mona Al Mansouri-Emirati

International Fashion Week Dubai Season 5 F/W fashion week was a high-end fashion event organized by The Opulence Events LLC, the event was held from 20th to 22nd October 2017 at Hotel Sofitel the Palms Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Once again IFWD was a splendid very successful fashion week while keeping its concept alive by bringing fashion designers from 12 different countries to the UAE.  The designers were provided an opportunity to showcase their latest collection of haute couture, bridals, party wear, etc.
This season’s lineup of designers was again amazing, the world’s top brand Agatha Ruiz de La Prada from Spain closed the show, and Mona Al Mansoori another famous elegant haute-couture and bridal designer from the emirates amazed the audience with her mesmerized collection.

Another main feature of the show was that for the first time in UAE, a tech designer Diana from Poland was introduced and dazzled the ramp with her amazing tech collections, it was also the launch of the brand Bianco Mimosa from Malaysia owned by Dato Ida Suaraya Bint Mustapha.

The event was inaugurated by the Chief Guest His Excellency Sohail Al Zarooni.
Founder & Managing Director – Ms. Cheryle Dias – said that they are always focused to promote and provide an international platform to upcoming and established designers and to create a diversified show each time with their amazing collections.

This season featured the launch of the International Fashion Awards for various areas in the field of fashion.  15 awards were given away as follows:

1. The Best Fashion Design Program 2017- American University of Emirates, Dubai.
2. Best Fashion Tech Designer 2017- Diana Walkiewicz, Poland.
3. Best Fashion Designer 2017-International- Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, Spain.
4. Best Fashion Designer 2017- Ali Asad, Syria.
5. Best Fashion Designer 2017- Emirati- Mona Al Mansouri, UAE.
6. Best Fashion Media 2017- Elle Arabia, UAE.
7. Best Fashion Entrepreneur 2017- Derek Khan, UAE.
8. Best Fashion Icon 2017- Mohammed H Alshalan, UAE.
9. Best Fashion Journalist 2017- Nada Kabbani, UAE.
10. Best Fashion Model 2017- Emiliia Dobreva, Kosova.
11. Young Designers competition 1st Pize- Daliah Bakhurji, UAE.
12. Young Designers competition 2nd Prize- Sirin Al Baghada, UAE.
13. Best Young Fashion Designer 2017- Rezvanesh Saffari, UAE.
14. Best Fashion Design Educationalist 2017- Shlagha Agarwal, UAE.

The launch of the Young Designers Competition where 15 students from the American University of Emirates showcased their collections on the ramp and 2 students were awarded the best designer.

Henceforth these awards will be a regular feature in IFWD. The event also featured a hands-on workshop on illustration.

The Fashion Week was also a spotlight on the runway models which included Miss Kosovo,
Miss USSR and Miss Poland with other beautiful beauty pageant crown holders.

Day 1 of the fashion show started with the inauguration by the
Chief Guest His Excellency Sohail Al Zarooni.
The participant designers on day 1 were as follows:

a. Opening show- Dato Ida Suraya Mustapha from Malaysia who launched her brand Bianco Mimosa for the first time in Dubai, set the ramp on fire with her elegant Haute Couture dresses themed A Tale of Tongkang yard.

b. Second Show- Tanya Costa from Bulgaria and Hourik Millinary from Armenia displayed their beautiful handmade hats and headpieces.

c. Third show- Ali Assad from Syria whose brand viabesco showcased party wear looks on the ramp.

d. Fourth show- Niharika Mumtaz from Bangladesh showcased her elegant jewelry brand 1972 couture jewelry from Niharika.

e. Fifth show- Julie Patir from India showcased her amazing bridal collections on the ramp.

f. Sixth show- Diana Walkiewicz from Poland one of the most talented tech designers showcased her fashion tech. collections on the ramp she is the owner of brand DeVu.

g. Final Show- Maya Tavadze from Georgia with her talented kid models closed the show with a stunning display of a kids-wear collection.

Day 2 – Mr. Yakoob from Dubai Customs was
Guest of Honor & Her Excellency Dr. Rasha Al Faidi The participant designers on day 2 were as follows:

a. Opening show- Mona Al Mansoori, one of the best local designers of the UAE, showcased her stunning Haute couture and Bridal collection on the ramp.

b. Second show- Brand Dache whose theme rangoli which focuses on Authentic Natural Art showcased her party wear collections.

c. Third Show- American University of the Emirates- 15 young talented student designers showcased their talented collections on the ramp.

d. Fourth Show- Ibrar Ali Habib from Pakistan showcased his party wear collections. e. Closing show- Agatha Ruiz De-La Prada one of the world’s best designers closed the show with her unique party wear collections.
Some of the main sponsors of the fashion week were Crystal Gallery, Boudoir Club, Kenjen Water, and American University of the Emirates, our media partners were B4u Plus, B4u Aflam, Elle Arabia, and many more.

The show had a super success, attended by 5000 people on both days and catered to an exclusive audience that included the royal family, Ambassadors, Buyers, Retailers, Trade houses, entrepreneurs, Fashion Designers, Fashion design Students, fashionista, and High-end society, with an unparalleled press and media coverage.

Season 6 of International Fashion Week Dubai is scheduled for the 29th, 30th & 31st of March 2017
some of the top international and local designers participating along with local and upcoming talented designers as also the international fashion awards and the young designers competition.

For inquiries about participation as a fashion designer, expo, student competition, or sponsorship. Contact 0502062569 or email [email protected]
Interviews are furnished upon request.

1972 Couture Jewelery By: Niharika – Bangladesh

Agatha Ruiz DeLaPrada – Spain

American University in the Emirates

Best Fashion Designer Tech – Diana Walkiewicz – Poland @ International Fashion Awards IFWD S5

Best Fashion Icon 2017 – Mr. Derek Khan with Mr. Yaqoob Ali at the International Awards @ IFWD S5

Bianco Mimosa – Malaysia

Bianco Mimosa – Malaysia

Dache – Malaysia

DeVu By: Diana Walkiewicz – Poland

Diana Walkiewicz – Poland

Haurik Millinery – Armenia

Ibrar Ali Habib – Pakistan

IFWD – MD Cheryle Dias – ED Dawid & Tech Designer Diana

Julie Patir – India

Jury and Management – International Fashion Awards 2017

Maya Tavadze – Georgia

MD Cheryle Dias and HE Al Zarooni

MD Cheryle Dias – HE Rasha Al Fahidi – Mr. Yaqoob Ali

MD International Fashion Week – Dubai

Vabesco – By Ali Asaad -Syria

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