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Ivana Savic From Serbia Speaking With Us How She Jumped From The Plane Because Of This Competition!!!


1.) Hello, Ivana! Welcome! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and introduce yourself to us briefly?
Hello. It is my pleasure to be a part of this interview. My name is Ivana Savic, born in Belgrade, the capital of the Republic of Serbia, where I live. I graduated from the “School of Beauty Care” as well as the Faculty of Economics.  I speak English and Spanish and I have been actively involved in basketball. I have also been training all my life. I have been actively involved in modeling for 15 years and that is why I have worked for many big brands for the entire Balkan region. This year I will represent Serbia at Miss Economic World, and I am very excited about that.

2.) You’ve mentioned that you do modeling.  How long have you been working as a model and what are some of the engagements you’ve done? Have you been in a model agency or have you worked as a freelancer?
Yes, I have been working as a model for 15 years. I’m 176cm tall, and my measurements are 90-60-90. I accidentally entered the world of fashion, when I heard an advertisement for Miss Balkans on the radio. I entered that competition and became the second runner-up in the Balkans. I have shot commercials for many food products, and cosmetics. I recorded music videos with many very famous pop artists in Serbia. Many times I recorded various most popular singles for many Serbian televisions with our very famous actors. In 2017, I was the face of a Milan brand called Gossip, and billboards with my face could be seen everywhere. In 2019, I won the International Beauty Show in Naples and was named the best model in Europe. I am now part of Miss Economic World and I am very happy about that. I have also worked with fashion agencies: Tattoo Model Agency; Slide-Media Model Agency. Now, I work as a freelancer.

3) How did you find out about Miss Economic World and decide to apply (as a competitor)? Tell us about some of your experiences up until now. Who makes up your team of people?
I have been in business for a long time and people from the “Fashion Industry” know what a professional I am. So I got an offer from the National Director Svetlana Gavrilović. I immediately liked the idea of the Miss Economic World project because this choice does not only require external beauty, but a complete personality with attitude and knowledge, which I highly value. My team of people is made up of the best professionals: National Director – Svetlana Gavrilović; National Manager – Katarina Munjić; Model Agency:; Fashion photographer- VladanMilisavljevic who did these promo photos; Fashion designer – Milos Miletić.

4) Tell us, Miss Economic World and Miss of Balkan are the only pageants you’ve applied to or have you been to others?
No, this is not my only choice for Miss. I was also a participant in Miss Europe Continental and a winner at the International Beauty Show 2019 in Naples. This is my third choice for Miss in my life, but I approached this project very professionally and seriously because the whole mission of this competition is serious and great.

5) In the competition, you are known as one of the bravest girls. Aside from being one of the first ten girls to do this interview, there is something else. Could you tell us a bit about your talent video and explain what is it that you did? What motivated you?
I’m glad to hear that. My talent video came about spontaneously. Miss Economic World supports the great Superstar Art Foundation, which helps young talents to realize themselves in many artistic spheres. With my video, I wanted to show the courage of an artist. We always talk about easier things, but many artists sometimes don’t have the funds for their great ideas, so they have to be imaginative and original in order to please people. It is my video that shows the courage and originality of an artist. Being an artist means having a big heart. That’s the message of my jump. By the way, skydiving is the most beautiful experience of my life. When you jump off a plane, the impression is that the whole world is you. Everything around you is so small and you feel completely sublime. I recommend such an experience to everyone.
Here is Ivana’s talent video, please watch it!

6.) Aside from probably being the first Miss to ever jump off a plane for a beauty pageant, and for the first time in your life, I might add, we see that you have many talents. Could you tell us about some of them, and do you think they can help you win this competition?
I think I’m the first Miss to jump off a plane and I’m glad about that. I have to say that I play the accordion, and I am talented in a sport I enjoy very much. I also have a talent for acting, which is something I want to do in the future. I love reading poetry, and all my life, I have been closely associated with acting. As a child, I used to recite many times at children’s recitations. This year I want to enroll at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

7.) In this competition, you are presenting your country: Serbia, and your city: Belgrade. I would like you to tell us something about your country and your city. Why do you love it, and what are some of the qualities you would like to point out? Also, what do you think about modeling in Serbia? Does the country offer many possibilities for people who wish to pursue modeling as a profession?  Who are some of the models you consider to be the best in Serbia?
The capital of the Republic of Serbia is Belgrade – the city where I was born, where I live and create life. Everyone who comes to Serbia always returns to it because we are good hosts. We welcome everyone with a wide heart and with a smile. We have great historical landmarks, rich nature, and beautiful people. The city of Belgrade is surrounded by two rivers: the Sava and the Danube. On the banks of both rivers, there are beautiful restaurants that offer guests the best Serbian specialties. Serbia is a country full of love, and everyone who comes to Serbia leaves with such an impression with them. Modeling as a profession is difficult. We all know that the market is big and luckily someone needs to stand out in that world. There are jobs in Serbia for models who want to work. However, modeling jobs are far better paid abroad, but Serbia has very nice people, and I think that our models are doing well in the world, such as BojanaKrsmanović, for example.

8.) And to finish this up, we can notice that this competition is not just a pageant. What would you say – what is it that makes it so unique (different, special)?  Also, we can notice that this pageant stands for humanitarian work, as well. Tell us, what area of humanitarian work interests you the most? And how would you help people if you were to become Miss Economic World? And do you otherwise contribute to your community and help make your environment a better place?
Another reason why I applied for the Miss Economic World pageant is that the organization stands for humanitarian matters. (If I were to win), I would be more in favor of providing better treatments for children, I would be in favor of a lower rate of hunger in the world. I would advocate a lifelong ban on killing animals, because of fur … I am generally known for my humanitarian work because if a fashion show is organized for children suffering from cancer, I will be very responsive to it. It never occurred to me to walk past a begging man without leaving him some money. I think that a Miss Economic World should have a mission that will raise people’s awareness, to be more focused on each other – to take care of family, and friends, to laugh more, and create good deeds.
Thank you, Ivana!

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Photographer: Vladan Milisavljevic.

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