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Laura Younger
How Aspergers And Nasty Contestants Didn’t Stop Her


Contributed By: Saif Rahman Sozib for World Fashion Media News

Laura Young Explains how the difficult personalities and her Aspergers didn’t stop her from being a role model to others when she was a contestant in the Amazon Prime and Tubi reality tv show, Miss Multiverse Australia.

There is no other TV series quite like Miss Multiverse Australia! This is a modelling contest where outer beauty alone is not going to be enough to win the crown. The intense, gruelling, adventurous, but still glamorous, search for the world’s most multi-faceted woman starts in Australia!
If a contestant does not have it ALL, they will be ELIMINATED!

The challenges have been specifically designed to not only test the contestant’s modelling abilities but also their leadership and entrepreneurial skills, their charisma, social etiquette, business capabilities, social and emotional intelligence, communication and public speaking skills, as well as their fitness levels. The judges have made sure it will not be easy.

Miss Multiverse Australia is available worldwide on Amazon Prime and Tubi.
Watch the trailer:

Let’s get to know more about one of the beautiful contestants, Laura Younger.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am from Victoria, Melbourne. I completed 2 years of a Bachelor of Nursing and am now studying for a Bachelor of Information Technology. I hope to become a Software Developer or work in IT Security after my degree.

What motivated you to apply for the competition?
I was motivated to apply because it sounded like a significant challenge and would provide me with an unforgettable experience. I also felt it provided me with a way to demonstrate to other young girls with Asperger’s that they are not limited in their abilities to what they aspire to do in life, especially for girls with dreams to become a model.

What did you think of the other contestants?
I will be completely honest. There were definitely two distinct groups in the house from day one, the quiet girls and the louder ones. Behind the scenes when the cameras and judges were not around, there was some drama. I received a not-so-nice comment on the first or second day from a contestant with a stronger personality when I tried to join in on the conversation, I felt belittled, but I just ignored it. Other than this, I really had no problem with anyone in the house and I also do not hold a grudge towards this particular contestant.

Did the experience change your life in any way?
The experience did indeed change my life. It has made me more confident, and outspoken and I even ended up getting signed by two modelling agencies, one of those being Royalle Modelling Agency. It gave me the experience I needed to become more independent and built a sense of identity for me. I can’t thank the Miss Multiverse Australia team enough.

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