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Lisa Velkova
Mini Miss Pure United Kingdom 2020

LISA VELKOVA “British Rose” once again registered her name on the international beauty map, she was The Winner crowned Mini Miss Pure United Kingdom 2020 in the Lunar New Year.

Officially adding the Miss title to her Miss Titles collection, Lisa Velkova, also known as Mini Miss Diamond United Kingdom 2019. She apparently was born to be Beauty Queen. The Vietnamese-born British Rose girl once again made a miracle, bringing great pride to the Vietnamese community in the United Kingdom. In the early days of the new year, when the Vietnamese community in the UK and Vietnam are jubilantly welcoming Lunar New Year.
At the same time, little Lisa was also officially crowned the Mini Miss International Pure United Kingdom 2020 On January 26, 2020, which was held at DARESBURY PARK Hotel – Red Brow Lane Warrington WA4 4BB United Kingdom.

And the more SPECIAL thing, history has repeated with this little Miss. This is the second time the girl was crowned Miss United Kingdom with a completely rustic Nature face and has excellently won all the extra awards.
What a pride for our Vietnamese community in the UK. After the coronation, the new Miss will once again officially represent the United Kingdom to compete in the world beauty arena at OHIO American in early July.

Miss International Pure Pageant is one of the 10 most prestigious beauty pageants in the UK. The contest aims to honor the beauty of women of all ages from 4-45. And because of its high human meaning, the contest has been receiving much attention from the public, attracting many contestants to participate every year. Everyone who loves and follows Lisa knows, although Lisa is only 5 years old, from Model Kids, and is a Cover image model for many World magazines, Lisa has experience in performing and the ability to master the stage as well as the Runway floor very well.

In addition to their great achievements in the professional fashion world, Lisa is also known as Mini Miss Diamond United Kingdom 2019. And is the top 5 world runner-up. Not only that, at the beginning of 2019 Lisa was voted as one of the 10 models with the most beautiful faces in the world by ALM American fashion magazine. Lisa grew up in a family with a father who is British and a Vietnamese mother. Lisa has a 12-year-old brother. It is known that he’s on the top and learns very well, currently holds quite a respectable achievement, is the champion of Academy Leith Middle School, and is also the Top 2 mathematics in the whole City of Edinburgh. With two British – Vietnamese bloodlines, Lisa has a strange hybrid beauty” Everyone in Love “, Therefore, she has the nickname The Little Copy of Legendary Beauty Marilyn Monroe, Mobile Doll, Royal Princess, British Rose, and many other nicknames.

The advantage of her beautiful appearance is like an angel, with additional ability and performance experience, Lisa is not only highly appreciated by the judges from America but also by all 62 candidates from the big and small tables from different countries in the world also admire incessantly. Although at the top of the small Mini participating in beauty contests, Lisa always proved her ability to compete is not inferior to anyone. When asked about the reason for Registering for Lisa to join this time, it was right around the days of Vietnamese Traditional New Year.
Lisa’s mother, Ms Nina Thanh Huong shared… Actually for Lisa to participate in art is also a charm.
Joins with Beautiful Pageant is also another charm too. Last year, Lisa was fortunate to be crowned the Mini Miss Diamond 2019 and then the Top 5 runner-up International. I think that is enough for kids to experience and have fun in the summer holidays. After all, the beauty pageant is like a life skill, she can exchange and learn, make new friends, practice interviews, and have a fun, relaxed weekend in 3 days.

After the competition, I saw that she was very mature and excited, and very good in spirit. Although you have won the highest award, Lisa has not defined what is famous or won. She only knew how she goes out, plays, wears nice dresses, perform on stage and all the audience applauded calling Lisa’s name, so make she was very happy.

Returning to this year’s contest, Pure is an International Beauty competition, and very prestigious, Organizing Committee is headquartered in America. As the name of the Contest title is Pure, meaning Pure and Transparent. The children participating in the age group from 4 to 10 are absolutely wearing no makeup, 100% rustic, and Nature. Participating in the competition is mainly about Beauty, talent, smart interviews and Costumes, Fashion shows & Evening Gowns. The judges were completely flown from America to the examiner, so there would definitely be no bias for anyone. Those are very convincing criteria for her mother to give her a try this year. On this occasion, I would like to express my thanks to the audience for always supporting Lisa, to all those who love Lisa in my homeland as well as the Vietnamese community in the UK for being with Lisa during the journey of the competition.

Despite having great success in the Beauty Pageant last year. Little Lisa has never fallen asleep on victory.
This year with an international competition such as International Pure United Kingdom, she not only did well but also greatly exceeded expectations. Outstanding leading the semi-finals of the rankings with the SUPREME SUPER STAR Award, the highest award with an absolute total score. The SUPREME SUPER STAR crown was given to Lisa on the night of the semi-finals. Not stopping there, NIGHT finalist once again the most prestigious,
Mini Miss International United Kingdom 2020 called Lisa’s name with 3 additional awards such as BEST PHOTOGENIC, BEST INTERVIEW, And the SUPERMODEL RUNWAY. There really are no words to praise about this 5-year-old Beauty Queen. With such great achievements, Lisa is not only a pride for our Vietnamese community, but she is also a potential factor, a pride of the United Kingdom Fashion industry in particular and the International Beauty Arena in general. Immediately after the coronation of Mini Miss International Pure United Kingdom 2020, Lisa went home with her mother and prepared to arrange a time to join London Fashion Week House Of iKons, one of the big Fashion weeks in London on 16th Feb 2020. Exposure to Lisa and asked what do you feel when you are holding a very special position that many kids in the world dream of. Lisa smiled wryly and without hesitation, the young lady queen said quickly… She performed well so she got a very beautiful “Mirror” meaning “Crown”, but she wore it on her head very hard, only whenever she takes a picture. Because the Crown to heavy, so I can’t run around and play with friends, can’t play with you guys.

Lisa is such a Pure and innocent girl, just like the title of Mini Miss she has just achieved. With the beauty of the noble European – Asian, Trendy, and with the support of the family, surely in the future, our Beauty Queen will have much more success in the future and affirm our position at the International Fashion Capitals as well as names in the world beauty arena.

Let’s follow the journey of Lisa Velkova in American International competitions. We hope the lucky goddess will smile at the talented and beautiful little girl like Lisa.

HAPPY NEW YEAR Mini Miss International United Kingdom 2020, a successful year on the road of Arts and One Incumbent Year as a MINI MISS INTERNATIONAL PURE UNITED KINGDOM 2020.

This Outfit is for Talent Shows.
Lisa is performing a talent show with a Catwalk performance on Runway, And she won Super Model on Runway Award.

This Outfit is for Talent shows. Lisa is performing a talent show with a Catwalk performance on Runway, And she won Super Model on Runway Award.



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