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Love Collection & Be Unique Be You Charity Workshop


On the 25th of October, two designers came together to raise money for the recent catastrophes that have been taking place in the central region of Vietnam. The founders of ‘Love Collection’ and ‘Be Unique Be You’ have raised over £5.095, still looking to support more, out of the altruism in their hearts.

They showcased their gorgeous designs at the London Peace Pagoda in Battersea- Emily Nguyen and Anna Hoang of Love Collection created a wonderful heart image using branches and leaves, on a sedge hat. Their collection consisted of elegant Vietnamese traditional dresses, whereas Anne Wilkinson of Be Unique Be You featured a lovely collection of Autumn-themed outfits, made out of bright, fluffy material and her hard work and love.

All the models and parents sang ‘Heal the World’ by Michael Jackson at the end of the day, creating a beautiful scene where nearby citizens even stopped to watch.

The concept of the two collections is to bring together a global, international love.
‘Be unique be you’ represents the West side of our world and ‘Love Collection’ introduces the East the pair of designers have come together to spread their love around the world.

Anne Wilkinson, the renowned founder of ‘Be unique be you’ is famed for her generosity, kindness, and individuality. Even as known as she is she takes the time and dedication to work with others, new businesses, growing collections, etc.

Her latest series of designs consisted of beige & and blush assorted colors. Intricate designs of woven flowers, trimmed lace, and different textures set her designs apart from the rest. The series of clothes she sets for her models is the height of the fashion industry, receiving the label ‘Perfectly Imperfect’. This collection shines brightly in the eyes of many.

Fashion isn’t defined by older age or younger, it doesn’t matter. A clear example of this is the three wonderful founders: Anne Wilkinson of ‘Be unique be you’ and the two founders of ‘Love Collection’: Emily Nguyen & Anna Hoang.
These amazing designers are incredible in what they do, helping charities, supporting others, even just for the joy of doing what they do!

Photographers: Monika Schaible, Kasia Cendal

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