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International Collaboration Between Maestro Kid And Nashe Radio Life #Challengemaestrokid, The Innovative Challenge In Fashion

Spanish entrepreneur Olga IF is going to carry out a new international contest MaestroKid together with the digital international radio Nashe Radio Life for both children and celebrities, called ¨Challenge Maestro Kid¨.

It is an online contest where all children with great potential and creativity, whose dream is to be a talented designer, as well as all those celebrities who will motivate all children to give their best and enhance their great skills when it comes to design, are invited to participate.

This great challenge between young people and celebrities will encourage the participation of all those young people in the fashion sector and will make new talents known internationally that until today were unknown, so it is a way to create activity in this sector as it has been damaged because of the global pandemic by the Co-Vid 19.

So today more than ever, it is necessary the union of all those young promises who dream of fashion, and this contest will also help to overcome all those fears and insecurities that children have so that tomorrow they will not be afraid of success. In this way, they will also be provided with a great experience of participating in this challenge, whose main purpose is to encourage the inclusion of children with developmental disabilities.

The challenge that will be carried out with the children, will consist in that they must draw a sketch with the design of the clothes on a sheet in A4 format. Then, each child will have to post a photo of the drawing on Instagram with the hashtag #challengemaestrokid #nasheradiolife #maestrokid and mention the accounts @nashe_radio_life and @maestrokidofficial. The drawing should be sent to the following email: [email protected]. The winner of this celebrity challenge will get the Maestrokid brand to make the sketch of the winning design, turning it into a suit for a public figure with a mandatory mention of the author of the design. A report on the winner will also be recorded with the possibility of getting a video- conference with the star. This report will be published in the Nashe Radio Life magazine as well as in its social networks and those of Maestro Kid.

In line with the children’s challenge, the celebrities; the challenge will be; “I will put your design”. They will have to record a video with a duration of no more than one minute encouraging children to participate in the contest. The video must be shared on social networks with the hashtags #challengemaestrokid #nasheradiolife #maestrokid. In the video, the celebrities will motivate the children to give the best of themselves and bring out their full potential when designing their sketches, but always from personal motivation and healthy competition.

In just a few days we have achieved the participation of 8 important celebrities: Roberto Piazza (Argentine designer with a great career in fashion and singer), Charlie Armstrong (jazz musician and composer, grandson of the famous jazz musician Louis Armstrong), Roma Nevash (a prestigious Russian singer), Rapoport Alia (a recognized creator of content on Youtube) and Maxim Zadivia (a great singer who participated in Eurovision Moldova 2016, 2019 and 2020) Ingrida Kim United Nations Peace Ambassador, journalist, public diplomat, Schirin Thoma nominated as MODEL OF THE YEAR 2020 and ONE OF THE 50 MOST BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN’S MODELS IN THE WORLD 2020, Paula Muñoz singer, actress and participant of Factor X.

Levan Todua hoster, critic, journalist. Guest expert of television programs on the central channels of Russia Agata Angel singer of the label Nashe Radio Life, Kazna, Participant in Eurovision 2021.

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Paula Muñoz

Maxim zavidia


Charlie Amstrong

Ingrida Kim


Singer, KAZNA, participant of Eurovision 2021

Rappoport Alia

Roma Nevash


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