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She Is Beautiful And Smart! Family Love, Peace In The World, And Humanity Are What Mirjana Lazić, Our Model From Vukovar, Stands For!


1)  One of our top 10 girls, who managed to pass the shortlist of our candidates, is Mirjana Lazić from Vukovar. How are you, Mirjana? Tell us about yourself.
Hello. I am 22 years old, and I come from Vukovar. I am presenting Croatia at Miss Economic World this year. I was born in Vukovar, but I have been living in Osijek for the last 4 years. I went to high school in Vukovar and studied as a chemical technician. Right now, I am studying financial management at the Economic Faculty in Osijek. I’ve played tennis for nine years and have attended makeup and painting classes. I have also been doing modeling for three years now and have done a lot of shoots and photo sessions, this was thanks to the help of my dear friend Svetlana Gavrilović, who is a professional model, as well as a talent agent for a cultural center ‘Gatalinka’. She is a talent agent and finds new models for them, mostly from Vukovar and surrounding towns, because her wish is to help the girls from her town who want to do modeling.

2) When did you start doing modeling? Tell us about some of your previous jobs in this industry, and which one was your biggest? Have you ever been a member of some fashion association or agency?
I started my modeling journey in 2018 when I had an opportunity to be a part of Ethno hairstyles of the world. I represented Bulgaria hairstyles and I also wore Bulgarian traditional costumes. I also did a lot of shoots, but my biggest success is being the main face on the first issue of ‘’Ethno Hairstyles of the World” magazine in 2020, in the production of the cultural center ‘Gatalnika’ in Vinkovci and organizer BlankaŽakula. I cooperate with the cultural center, but sadly, I am not yet a member of any fashion agency, even though I plan to become one in August. In 2021, I will represent Croatian in Miss Economic World. I have lots of plans for September, new fashion shows, hairstyle competitions, and editorial, and who knows, maybe I will manage to come on the front page for Ethno hairstyle of Croatia. I also have an offer for next year, to work with an Italian design school in Zagreb, however, it is still too early to talk about it.

3) How did you find out about this competition? Are you satisfied with how things have been going so far? What are your expectations?
I found out about this competition thanks to my national director Svetlana, who presented me with this opportunity, and out of many models she works with, she chose me for this project, and thus showed me her trust. I am so happy and proud to represent my beautiful country Croatia. I am so happy with how things have been going so far. The competition is truly wonderful, and the other girls are amazing. We are all sticking together. I am glad I was able to meet such amazing people, and I am so happy I have this new experience in life. Also, our national director truly takes care of us. She always informs us about everything on time, and we are keeping up very well.

4) Is this your first beauty pageant? What do you expect out of it? Are you satisfied?
Yes, this is my first, but hopefully not my last. I hope I will succeed in placing high in this competition. I am satisfied with everything. First of all, I am happy to have been chosen among the top 10. And I hope to place in the top 3 as well.

5) You’ve mentioned you study economics. Tell us, how was your college year? Did you manage to pass all of your exams? And how are you able to find a balance between studying and modeling? Considering it is your profession, would you explain to us the connection between beauty and economics, and why is that link important for this competition?
Yes, I do study economics. To be honest, my year was tough but successful! My exams are over and I’ve passed all of them. However, I am at the end of this adventure. But, I have to say, you just have to put in a little effort, and everything becomes possible. I don’t find this job to be hard, the organization itself is amazing, and we cooperate wonderfully. The line between beauty and economics is really blurry. Every successful woman knows how to make the most out of her beauty and use it for her professional life. Today, it is normal for influencers to sell various products. Mostly, it is because of their look that they have such a high number of followers, and they tend to sell a lot of beauty products and brands. My own personal connection, when it comes to this competition, is that I have an opportunity to actually apply my theoretical knowledge in practice.

6) We’ve seen your talent video. You are our cutest model. Can you tell us more about the video? My personal favorite was the photograph showing the tattoo on your hand that says ‘Mum & Dad’. It is noticeable that you love them a lot. Love and commitment to your family are amazing characteristics to have and they make you a promising candidate. We assume that your family is your biggest support. What do you think is the most important aspect of this job?
First of all, I would like to thank you for your kind words. The video shows my authentic truth. I’ve used photography to show who I am, what I do, how much I love what I do, and that I always do everything with a smile on my face. Also, I give my best for those photos to turn out amazing, in order for people around me to be satisfied, and most importantly, so that I can be proud of myself. My parents are my biggest support. I think that they are part of the reason I have the opportunity to participate in such a huge event, because of their love and support. They push me forwards and are most important to me. What I’ve learned from them is that I should always move forward and that I can do and become anything I want if I try hard enough. I wish to share the love they give me with the people around me. And I wish to ‘attract how I radiate’. Aside from my family, my friends are also my big support. They are always there when I need them. They’ve played a huge part in my entering the shortlist of the top 10. I am so grateful for that.
Check my talent video on this link!

7) Could you tell us a bit about your home town, and also something about your country? Your town really suffered a lot. So I assume you will, along with some other activities, also stand for peace, given the fact that you will soon become the ambassador of Superstar Art Foundation and Miss Economic World, as one of our top 10 candidates. What are some of the most beautiful Croatian qualities? And considering you are at the seaside, which destination would you recommend us to visit? Which one is your favorite?
My town is Vukovar, and I have been living there for the last 22 years. Vukovar: where I was born and made my first steps. And Croatia is a country in Europe. Many people know it because of its beauty and also because of the Adriatic Sea. As for my favorite destinations: Dalmatia and Kvarner. Every part of their coast is beautiful in its own right. And I am truly proud to be able to say that I come from Croatia. I invite everyone who has the opportunity to come and visit us. And who knows, maybe we will even have a chance to meet. Yes, I of course stand for world peace. We are all one, we are all the same and everyone has their own right to live in love and peace. And when we really think about it, little things are what matter most in life. It is what we all deserve, to be happy. I am excited about every opportunity to cooperate with Miss Economic World that awaits me in the future. And I cannot wait for us to work together and achieve even better results.

8) And, to finish up. What will you do if you win? What will you stand for? Do you have any fashion center in mind, where you would like to go with the organization?
If I win, I would definitely stand for equality, and emphasize the fact that we are all the same. We should all be loved. We should all appreciate our families, as we’ve talked earlier about the tattoo I have on my arm, it represents my attachment and love for my family, I believe everyone should have the opportunity to feel that. Our parents give us everything, they give us life, and the opportunity to experience this world. Therefore, I would stand for world peace, equality, and also, a world without war. Those are my wishes, and I hope I will be able to spread awareness to others.
I would love to travel wherever possible with the organization. There is no special destination in mind, I only wish to be in the good company of people.

Promo:Miss: MirjanaLazić (Vukovar) – Miss Economic World Croatia 2021.; Design: LidijaPihlerYuniku; Photos: HrvojeŠkergat; Organized by national director of Croatia – Svetlana Gavrilovic;Foundation: Superstar Art Foundation

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