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Miss Nigeria, Joy Ogeyingbo

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Miss Nigeria, Joy Ogeyingbo Is The Foundation Founder, Brand Owner And Events Manager!



It’s my pleasure… My name is Joy Adeola Odeyingbo. I am 24 years old and come from Ogun, a state in Nigeria. I sew to beautify females, as a fashion designer, and also the home as an interior decorator. I write and speak to inspire, I am a certified event planner (fashion shows and pageantry majorly). I own a brand with the name ‘JAOTEM CASTLE’ which encompasses JAOTEM DESIGNS AND INTERIORS: An Afrocentric female wears fashion brand and also a brand that deals with the production of beddings/ curtains. JAOTEM EVENTS AND USHER: which is involved in the planning, managing, and coordination of social and corporate events. JAOTEM FOUNDATION: A non-profit organization that is interested in raising the next level of future leaders by providing educational aids to students in primary and secondary school. I am a model and also a beauty Queen. As a student, I completed my national diploma in Science laboratory technology (SLT) with distinctions at the Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria and I am currently a final year student at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, studying Pure and Applied Botany. I am a Christian by religion.

2) Could you tell us how long you have been modeling? You have fantastic photos! We must applaud your photographers because they truly did an amazing job! However, we also know that if we want good-quality photos, it is crucial to have a beautiful and professional model. Tell us, what are your previous experiences in modeling? Would you rather do fashion photography or commercial photography? How much have you worked and what did you do in order for your portfolio to look as it does today?
Thank you. Well, I have been in the industry for about 5 years now. I have walked various fashion shows in Nigeria, I got featured in an international magazine, among which is the Red Carpet Magazine, Mexico. I participated in 4 pageantries of which I emerged as the winner of 3 while I was a runner-up for the 4th one. I train models as a catwalk instructor and also I’ve planned fashion shows and managed pageants. Joining the modeling industry for me was quite easy because of my outstanding height of 6ft 2 inches as a lady and also my slim stature, but over the years I had to attend a modeling academy and got trained to become a professional model. I can fit into both fashion photography and commercial photography because of my physique, but then I will do more fashion photography.

3) You were Miss Nigeria – what would you say you gained with that success and did you participate in any other beauty pageants? What do you think, what qualities should a Beauty Queen possess?
I was the Miss NIGERIA Republic. Yes, it helped me to become a better version of myself, enable me to assist others, and meet a whole lot of people thereby increasing my sphere of influence. Yes, I participated in other pageants. A beauty Queen should possess a goal-getting mindset, confidence, charisma, intelligence, beauty, and brain among others. A beauty Queen should also be kind and generous as she should be able to use her title to affect and help people around her.

4) You’ve also mentioned you do motivational speaking. What is it about, and do you think your speeches leave a big impression and change the mindsets of people around you? What do you stand for?
Yes, very well… Naturally, I talk effortlessly and people like to listen to me, I’m always been practical when I talk, I shared my personal story of how I grew from a little girl who hated her stature and looks with no self-esteem to a bold, beautiful and energetic lady who is so confident about herself and would put in her very best to achieve her dreams and vision – A goal-getter.

5) Could you tell us a bit more about the talents you’ve presented to us within your talent video? Considering we’ve already covered both modeling and beauty pageants, tell us more about fashion design and interior decorations. Where do you find your inspiration?
Yes, thank you. I started my fashion brand as a student in the year 2017 due to my passion for fashion. I got myself into the fashion industry because it was a dream I nursed while growing up. Back then, I usually found it hard to get a well-fitting ready-to-wear dress for myself because I measured what was more than the standard size for my age range, and this will live my mum and I’ve got no choice but to toil the market. Then I started nursing the idea that I would learn fashion designing so I would be able to make my outfits and then I did, I attended a fashion school and different fashion and business summits. At some point, I realized I needed to be creative with my styles and then I started making Afrocentric female outfits with attire (tie and dye) materials. Making the home beautiful, I mean rearranging the home to give it a new look is what I do freely, then I started by learning the art of making beddings and curtains by myself, Gradually, clients had to start trusting me to help design their new apartment.
Check my talent video here:

6) Considering you’ve already represented your country in beauty pageants, we assume you were already engaged in humanitarian work. Were you a member of any non-profit organizations or have you worked as a volunteer?
Yes…I am a member of a non-profit organization where mission is to rekindle the fire of hope to the hopeless and the needy. I have served and worked as a volunteer at various events and programs and I own a foundation where we give out educational aids to students of primary and secondary schools.

7) Can you tell us something about the country you come from? What do you like most about your country? What are some of the things you would like to change?
Nigeria, my country, is filled with creative, smart, and intelligent people with diverse, beautiful cultures and tribes. The fact that we can adapt swiftly to any condition or situation is absolutely amazing. For me, I will like to change the mindset of people and their belief about education, especially the young ones; a lot believe education is about just academics but much more than that, it’s the value instilled into an individual, the beliefs, the philosophy of such individual because all these will sum up to make an individual and then his perspective about national and economic growth.

8.) Do you see yourself as a potential Miss of the Miss Economic World championship? What will you do if you win this competition?
Yes, I see myself as a potential miss of the Miss Economic World Championship. I have what it takes to represent, promote and fit into the title. I will promote the foundation, assist people to achieve their dreams, help people, and also help myself to become a better version of myself daily. Thank you for having me.

PR & Marketing: Svetlana Gavrilovic; Translation: Čarna-Senka Kolar

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