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Mona Shroff
Wearing Beautiful Jewellery Makes Every Moment Great!

Jewellery is an essential part of fashion, both for the modern woman and the professional. Jewellery helps to express your personal style and to enhance your look. Jewellery can also be worn as a fashion statement. It can dress up a simple outfit or appeal to a certain audience.  Jewellery is often chosen to complete an outfit and complement the wearer’s looks.
       As it is said there is always light at the end of the tunnel -my latest collection was designed during Covid and it’s called THE DOT COLLECTION. This collection is very unique and special because it is filled with mixed emotions that the world, including myself, faced through its roughest and most testing times. I have brought bright colours in this collection to portray happiness after a long sorrowful period that everyone went through. These pieces speak a lot of words with their unique designs, colours, vibrancy and finish. Every piece is Handmade – the ultimate form of art and craftsmanship expressed through the language of jewellery.  I want to keep promoting the talented artisan industry which is slowly getting lost and diminished in this commercial world of perfection.

         I want to be a part of every woman’s occasion by making them look Beautiful, Confidant and Special with my exclusive pieces of Jewellery and complete their final look. My pieces are classic, timeless and unique.

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Photo credit: Mona Shroff Jewellery

Concept & jewellery designed by Mona Shroff.

In conversation with Saif Rahman Sozib (International fashion journalist)


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