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The Founder Of the Mz Ngwenya Foundation, Mr. Robert Ngwenya Has Been Conferred With An Honorary Degree In Humanities By The Good News the International University Of India.

Contributed By: Saif Rahman Sozib for World Fashion Media News

The honorary award was conferred on him during the Global Peace Summit that was held in London from the 6th to the 7th of December at the Universal Peace Federation building, 43 Lancaster Gate, Central London. The host, Justina Mutale Foundation is a London-based organisation working to promote and foster the empowerment of women globally.

The Global Peace Summit brought together leading Peace Ambassadors, Humanitarians, Philanthropists, Clergy, multi-faith religious leaders, decision-makers, statesmen, and many others who are working for human prosperity and sustainability for all. The Summit’s main subject of discussion was peace and social cohesion globally. Mr. Ngwenya, now Dr. Ngwenya, has been a champion of many humanitarian initiatives in South Africa through his MZ Ngwenya Foundation.

The MZ Ngwenya Foundation was established by Dr Robert Mogabe Ngwenya and his wife Zinhle (Mabena) Ngwenya with the aim of transforming the lives of those affected by drug abuse, particularly Nyaope (A popular drug among South African drug addicts). The foundation has popularised the fight against drugs through a concert held annually under the banner #NyaopeMustFall or #JoinTheMovement and is responsible for the rehabilitation of over 200 addicts over the past 4 years and clothing 50 to 100 homeless people on a monthly basis. It is a pillar of community-building programs in the North West province and South Africa as a whole.

A letter from the Good News International University read ;
“As per the recommendation from Ambassador Dr. Alwin Roland Timothy on behalf of the Justina Mutale Foundation, I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected for an Honorary Doctorate Award from the Good News International University. Honorary Doctorates at Good News University are conferred on individuals whose achievements reflect the values of the University and those individuals that have made a positive impact in their communities and the world at large. Through this Award, our university recognizes individuals who have excelled in their chosen field or made a significant contribution to public life. We have received and reviewed your profile and we find your achievements to be very impressive. The Board herewith expresses its pleasure in awarding you a Doctorate Degree for your exemplary work in serving the international community and outstanding contributions to humanity. “

The award comes at a time when the foundation is working towards building rehabilitation. Dr Robert Ngwenya has expressed his humble gratitude for this honour and hopes that this recognition will also unlock more partners and sponsorships allowing the foundation to assist and change more lives.

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