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Nikolina Milak From Croatia Won Our Hearts With Her Beauty And Talent


1)  Hello, Nikolina!Can you tell us something about yourself? Where are you from?
Best regards! I come from Croatia, a beautiful small country with the most beautiful Adriatic coast. My hometown is Nova Gradiška. I studied law. However, I have always been a big fan of fashion, art, and beauty. My story began in 2017 when I graduated from the International School of Beauty under the guidance of the esteemed Croatian makeup artist Boris Čavlina. So, aside from being a professional makeup artist, I am a freelancer and a model. I would also like to point out that I had the opportunity to participate in the preparations of the host and guests backstage in the famous Croatian lifestyle show. My hobbies are outdoor activities, yoga, and meditation.

2) Tell us something more about your work as a model? How long have you been working as a model? And what are some of the engagements you’ve done? Do you have any preferences?
My first interest in modeling appeared during my schooling at the Ministry of Beauty, a make-up school. It is because, in addition to various make-up techniques and looks over the decades, a professional photographer also thought us everything about perfect photography, posing, and modeling. While I was still at school, I was a model for various make-up looks to present Boris’ work. And as for fashion engagements, so far, I have had a photo shoot as a vintage model with an oldtimer for the Rockabilly Festival, which took place in Croatia. I do prefer more themed photoshoots. And when I am enjoying my role, I give the maximum of myself. For instance, when I was a pin-up girl from the ’50s.

3) Is this your first time competing in a beauty pageant? How did you find out about Miss Economic Word, and why did you decide to compete? Do you think it was worth it, and that it was a good idea to apply? Who is on your team of people?
Yes, this is my first beauty choice. I found out about it through my national director Svetlana Gavrilović. She contacted me and said she wanted to represent me at the Miss Economic World 2021. I decided to apply because the very concept of the SuperstarArt organization is incredibly interesting to me. I am an artist, primarily, and they support the dreams of artists through their non-profit programs, which is wonderful. I simply listened to my intuition and followed the woow feeling, which told me that it was a great business opportunity. The idea is great, and I have had a nice experience with the organization through these 2 months. There is one girl from Croatia and two girls from Serbia on my team. We are represented by the same national director. Among other prominent people, I would mention the designer LidijaPihler who gave me 2 beautiful designer dresses for promo photo shooting, then the Salon of Wedding Dresses “Lidija”, which also provided me with two wedding dresses for promo photo shooting. There is also my photographer Kristina Kovačević, and my boyfriend Marko, who is a music artist. He is my biggest support on the team. I would point out that I took care of my own make-up look for photo shooting for Miss Economic World 2021.

4) I have to say, your beautiful face cannot go unnoticed. Do you think this is your advantage for winning Miss Economic World? Where do you see yourself in your future modeling career? Tell us something about your ambitions and goals for the future.
Thanks for the compliment. My face is an advantage, but not the biggest. A beautiful face is important in beauty choices and necessary in the world of beauty when it comes to commercial photography. However, my greatest advantages are my passionate spirit, my loyalty, and my dedication to work. Also, I am very persistent in achieving my goals, and I am a great perfectionist, so I do my best to give my best. And of course, I do it because I truly love and enjoy it. I can tell you that my biggest wish is to become a trademark or brand ambassador of the most prestigious cosmetic companies like YSL, MAC, etc.

5) We’ve seen your talent videos, and we can confidently say that you are truly talented and that you have amazing art skills. Could you tell us a bit about the talent you chose to present us with? Given your talent for make-up, have you ever considered trying or learning how to paint? What are some of the other talents you have?
I still can’t understand my talent, I only know that I have periods when I get inspired. I organize make-up, choose and contact models, choose clothes, and I do make-up. Then we do a photo shoot. I also know something about photography, so I combine the backgrounds myself, a place to take pictures according to the transformation. I often have to improvise, for example, when I make masks and I don’t have the necessary material. I remember transforming myself into a zombie on Halloween on one occasion, using plum jam to make open wounds on my face. To put it simply, make-up art is a job that fulfills me and I can boast about doing what I love. In addition to sci-fi make-up, I also do beauty make-up, make-up for all kinds of festive occasions for my dear client. As for painting, unfortunately, I don’t have a hand to draw.
Check my talent video on this link:

6) And what about now, after doing so much preparation and rehearsal? Do you think it is easy to do modeling?
I look at the fashion world the same as before. It has its own charm that attracts and very easily interests. I think that every job has its “weight”, but the point is how much work you will put in and whether you work with your heart or just automatically, for the sake of pure profit. In any business, if you want to achieve excellent results you have to be prepared for many sacrifices and compensations.

7) Give us a few details about the country you come from. Why do you love it and what are some of the most beautiful qualities you would like to point out? It is summer. What are some of the most beautiful destinations you’d like to mention or even recommend?
The country I come from is in the European Union. It’s really amazing. It is known for its natural beauty, national parks, the Adriatic Sea, and rich plains. It is a favorite holiday destination for many foreigners. Croatia really has a rich cultural heritage and tradition for all those who are willing to explore it. I personally think that the most beautiful destinations within the country are islands, such as Rab and Lošinj, then Dubrovnik, Plitvice, Lakes, Brijuni National Park, Umag, Osijek, and Zagreb. I hereby invite all of you, as a representative of Croatia, in Miss Economic World, to take a week of vacation and visit Croatia! We are expecting you, and we will be very happy to host you.

8.) Last but not least, the important aspect of this pageant is that it stands for humanitarian work. So, tell us, how would you help make the world a better place, if you were to become Miss?
The first thing I would do is I would celebrate with all the people who have supported me. I would attend training and meetings by the organization, I would like to learn as much as possible about economics and finance. Since I already have experience in volunteering, which I gained two years ago by helping to organize a charity concert for a friend who needs financial income for the purpose of treatment, I would very quickly manage and accomplish my humanitarian mission. I would primarily launch the “Beauty with a Purpose” project, which aims to raise funds for sick children and young people who are socially unstable, and self-destructive in terms of drug and alcohol abuse.
Miss: Nina Milak; Design: LidijaPihlerYuniku; Wedding dressesLidija salon; Promo photos: Kristina Kovačević; Organization by the national director for Croatia –Svetlana Gavrilovic; Foundation: Superstar Art Foundation; Special thanks to Marko Markanović.


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