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No Mercy A Boxing Odyssey

If you are unfamiliar with the British filmmaker and actor Louis Findlay, then the film No Mercy is the place to start. A mix of family drama and boxing, the film takes you into the darker more personal side of the business and shows the human voices behind the gloves.

A documentary-style shoot, it takes the gritty docudrama look and gives it a fictional twist that is incredibly well acted and shows that talent both in front and behind the camera in the best light, with their natural style of acting and in places heartbreakingly close to knuckle portrayals of betrayal, family secrets and of course crucially the behind the gloves side of boxing from the perspective of a second generation boxer, chronicling a journey that will capture your attention.
Bold in its narrative, the dramatic true-to-life style of No Mercy is a revelation in a world of manufactured and contrived stories, a truly fascinating look at a competitive sport that goes deeper into the realities without falling into melodrama or resorting to theatrics.
Louis and his team have created a film that resonates on many levels and shows that you don’t need a huge budget to tell your story and reach an audience.

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