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Olga If – Catwalk Cannes Film Festival

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The Spanish designer, businesswoman, and holder of double record in Fashion of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® Olga IF will participate at the catwalk of the Cannes film festival!

Olga IF won two EUROPEAN FASHION AWARDs 2020 at Milan Fashion Week
• Best fashion Design created by Kids, which included an invitation to CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2021
• Best creative design Uomo

The Spanish fashion designer, businesswoman, and holder of doble record in Fashion of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® Olga IF won a double European Fashion Award after a fashion show at Fashion Week held in Milan and broadcasted live on Facebook.
First Prize has been awarded to Olga IF’s collection titled Kidraws and granted her an invitation to the show at CANNES FILM FESTIVAL,
CANNESS FASHION DAYS 2021. Kidraws uses children’s drawings which have been selected during the international project of children’s drawings for Fashion called MAESTRO KID.

The 13 models participating in the winning fashion show wore Flordecor Sepa accessories and hats, designed by Svetlana Fedotova. The models have also worn bracelets and rings from the same brand.
Photos by Galina Lakeeva

Olga is currently in the Fashion market with two projects “Maestro Kid” with the slogan “Mom I want to be a fashion designer and ” Modavision “- an international competition, with the same concept as Eurovision in music, but in this case with the theme Fashion.
She is actively working on developing Modavision. The agreement is signed with representatives of many countries such as Colombia, Republica Dominicana, Spain, Pakistan, Suiza, Italy, Germany, Russia, Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Greece, Netherlands, etc.

The principle of this project is diversity. Each participating country should have at least 15 percent of its participants coming from the categories of diversity, equality, and inclusion.

National and international communication media has an enormous interest in both Maestro Kid and Modavision projects.
Apart from fashion, Olga IF is also involved in other artistic environments, such as music. In the last quarter of 2020, Olga IF started a music project that unites 3 different countries Spain, Italy, and Russia in order to create a love song that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic. This song will be written by the Spanish writer Carlos Villarrubia and performed by the Italian singer Cosimo and the Russian singer Svetlana Bobkina, Singer of the music group Strelki, also known to some as the Russian version of Spice Girls.
Olga IF continuously receives invitations from various FASHION SHOWS where she attends as an honorary guest or judge of these Fashion and beauty contests.

In September 2020 Olga IF attended Tajikistan Fashion Week.

Her designs were seen on National (Spain) and International catwalks such as Sochi (Russia), Maikop, Holland, Italy, and Tajikistan.
Her next destination is the ETNO MODA international fashion contest of young designers in Russia, Maykop, 4.10.2020 -6.10.2020
Olga´s Message to all readers: ¨In this difficult time our obligation is to remain positive and active, do online /offline fashion shows, seminars, interviews, etc.
We have to unite forces. I can say that due to the fact that I have international projects and know a lot of creative people from all around the world, I can still participate in fashion and beauty shows in different countries and stay active internationally until the situation in Spain gets better. Globalization, union, collaboration, and helping each other is the way to survive and be happy in this very difficult time.
The phrase in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “Beauty will Save the world” is so correct. We should create. “

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