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Pamela Aleper, Miss Africa Golden Uganda Wins Popularity Votes

Submitted By: Saif Rahman Sozib for World Fashion Media News

1) What do you do for a living?
In regard to my educational career, I am a final year law student at Uganda Christian University and I have only practiced law at the internship level. Besides my professional career, I am a Ugandan Tourist Cultural advocate and entrepreneur. I served as Miss Tourism Karamoja region and second runner-up Miss Tourism Uganda in 2016/2017

2) How would you describe what you do?
Since the time I ventured into the Tourism and modeling Industry, I have been fully engaged in selling Ugandan culture for example through organizing Manyata and Wildlife tours, nature walks, and participating in expeditions. I have also partnered with some Humanitarian organizations and other development agencies to sensitize and motivate young people.

Furthermore, I formed a group of young women which I trained and encouraged to make beads, traditional clothes, bracelets, and skin shoes for both the local and international communities(tourists). This has created additional skills, complimentary income, and empowerment among the women in my community.

In summary, I really love what I do especially with the fact that I am able to balance my education and personal interest and still excel in both, and they are both avenues that lead to my passion of providing services to my communities.

3) What does your work entail?

· Studying, I am excited that I am in the final stage of my studies which will give me even more time in my modeling career
· Traveling, the tourism bit, sensitization of young people, marketing and selling of cultural items get me moving all over the country.

4) What is a typical workweek like?

· My very active days are Monday to Friday (8 am-5 pm) with empowering young girls with modeling opportunities and supervising the various women groups who make cultural commodities for example beads and much more.
5) How did you get started?

I had always been passionate about modeling right from childhood but never had enough time and the right platforms to explore my passions until my high school vacation in 2016 which then gave me time to pursue what I always wanted. So I started by contesting for Miss Tourism Tourism Karamoja where I emerged the best and went on to National competitions where I attained the second runner-up position for Miss Tourism Uganda. It was at this time that everything started unfolding for me in the modeling and tourism industry.

6) What do you like about what you do?

· What I do gives me a platform to be able to help vulnerable people which is in line with my passion.
· Exposure through traveling and meeting new people.
· Skill development.

7) What do you dislike?

· There is a lot of judgment and miss understanding in our societies
· Getting exposed to the wrong agencies that don’t value what you value

8) How do you make money or how are you compensated?

Most of the work I do is voluntary which doesn’t pay, however I do make some money from selling my crafts. I am privileged to still be receiving financial support from my parents. And once in a while, I do get transport refunds and a small allowance from the development and motivational activities that I participate in.

9) What skills are needed to do this

· Communication skills.
· Interpersonal skills.
· Entrepreneur skills.
· Networking skills.
· Management and lobbying skills.
10) What is most challenging about what you do?

· Balancing all my activities.

11) What is most rewarding

· The satisfaction that comes with improving life and being an inspiration to many young people.

12) What advice would you offer someone considering this career?

· Trust in God.
· Believe in themselves.
· Never give up.

13) How much time off do you get
· I have very little time for myself since I have so many things I have to accomplish, so usually have a Sunday off which I dedicate to God, and my quiet times.
14) What else would you like people to know about your career?
· Nothing really other than encouraging them to never be afraid to follow their passion and also being able to help a vulnerable person in society.

15) What is the most common misconception people have about what you do?
· Sexual objectification of female models by society and some media houses, for example, there are stereotypes like models don’t have values, can’t have families, etc.

16) How do you feel being announced the highest Voter?
I feel so inspired and motivated than ever before to keep pressing on with this career and I am very thankful to God and everyone who supported me through this.

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